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Management or Leadership | Origin: LS101R

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Do You Manage Or Lead? --> Management or Leadership

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I believe I am more of a leader; however, I also possess managerial skills as well. I am both a leader and manager. 

I possess more a leader style; however, I also possess managerial skills.

I learned the difference between a leader and a manager and that some people may have both qualities.

It is hard to look at these two roles in a different light when they go hand in hand. A good effective manager should lead the team.

I am both. But I also can tie this to members of the team who are one more than the other. It also gives a better perspective on why things don't always go as smoothly as they should when type of person is pushed into the other type of role.  

some people can have both qualities if they are willing to learn

I have learned that managers are in the business for promoting stability. Making sure that there is structure and leaders are in the business for promoting change for the betterment of the organization. I also learned that a person can have both qualities.

Managers promote stability and cope with complexity while leaders press for and cope with change. 

Hello Everyone

Managers and leaders complement each other in any organization, both are essential part of the organization and both are necessaries for the organization success. 

I am more in a manager role because of my knowledge to collaborate with other and encourage collaboration with others, and because of my goal oriented mindset.

I am a leader because I need to transmit the vision of my institution and with my team I delegate and implement a effecting working focused in the vision and mision. But in sometimes I am a manager, I need that company overall understand pasion of every task and with persuasion and been collaborative I influence them to perform in the best way.  

Reflecting from a 'leadership' perspective; I find myself extremely comfortable with clarifying direction, aligning efforts, inspiring, and maintaining focus and vision, etc. These are the characteristics that seem to come 'naturally'. In contrast, the plan-planning, budgeting and the designing of a plan-direction requires more work, time and focused attention(s) for me.  

I also see the Leader characteristics being a more natural fit to my character personally and the Manager characteristics are characteristics that require 'polishing', training and update(s).

Know the differences between the leader and manager but also know that they complement each other.

Managers maintain the status quo and leaders challenge it

The key is to be both and know which project/assignment will require a little more than the other. This is done through work study of your time in both positions. 

I can be an effective manager but not for long because I then start thinking about the next step, the change, the next vision. I admire managers/maintainers. 

In this module I learned that I need to pull back as I have learned that the set of skills I am using are more managerial than leadership. Although I tend to execute as a leader that are apparently more managerial.

Due to the nature of my work, I have the need to implement both, leadership and management. I am aware that there is always room for improvement. One of the areas I need to work on is the delegation of tasks. Sometimes, I end up doing things that I shouldn't because I don't delegate enough. 

Due to the nature of my work, I play a dual role, sometimes of a leader and sometimes of a manager. The set of skills for both are important and compliment each other

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