Bethany Friedlander

Bethany Friedlander

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We need to incorporate more planning and measurement into how we evaluate staff and leaders

I need to ask better questions!


Being an empathetic listener can be exhausting but it is also hard to be in a constant state of "waiting to talk"

I am entirely visual in my learning style

Looking at my results on an EQ assessment I am very good at intuition and reading others and not so good with taking care of myself. 

I am very clear now on my legacy

Career colleges have a real role to play and should not be seen as lower quality

Leaders can not exist without followers

I think there is a fluidity between these styles. Maybe a dominate style but I flow between based on the team and their needs at this time.

I can be an effective manager but not for long because I then start thinking about the next step, the change, the next vision. I admire managers/maintainers. 

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