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It is interesting to learn that in general, task delegation is not easy for managers. There were so many important tips included to effectively delegate tasks. However, the main point is that task delegation important for many reasons. First, it allows managers to focus on higher profile tasks without overloading themselves with work. Second, it allows staff the opportunity to demonstrate their strengths, commitment and desire to grow within the company. Also, it is important to allow staff to cross train and be able to support management in their absences.

There were many tools provided to support a critical thinking learning environment. Group activities, research and problem solving activities are some ways in which an instructor can incorporate critical thinking in the course.

New learning styles can also be difficult for instructors to adjust. They may be hesitant to trying a new style since they may be comfortable with their old approach. Adequate training can be provided for instructors to support them with the preparation to teach a course in an active learning format.

This module has brought on the realization that students may not understand the concept of active learning. It has made an excellent point that it is important to explain to students why we have chosen this teaching style. Critical thinking skills are so important and students cannot acquire those skills if information is just handed over to them.

Active learners take an active role in their education. It requires the use of critical thinking skills and allows them to actively engage in learning activities rather than being passive learners,  This method allows different types of learners to utilize the study skills that best fit them in order to be more effective.

I learned the difference between a leader and a manager and that some people may have both qualities.

The difference between leaders and managers are not always clear. However, leaders inspire groups of people and managers get the job done.

Being a good leader involves many important qualities. You should know what it takes to do the job you are asking your team to do but also have additional skills to get your team collaborating. 

It is important to understand how to better engage students from different generation cohorts. Understanding their learning preferences will allow us to understand how to keep them engaged in the classroom.


Technology can be a really important tool we can utilize in the classroom. In addition to that, it helps students prepare for the reality of the work environment which is highly technological based. However, we must take in consideration if our students have any technological challenges and have available resources to support them.


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