Terhan  Freeman

Terhan Freeman

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The key is to be both and know which project/assignment will require a little more than the other. This is done through work study of your time in both positions. 

Most companies want both a manager and a leader in one. This is where it is difficult as both of these positions require different skills and competencies. 

Understanding management and leadership skills. There is a difference between the two!

Always look at what you are doing well and limit your focus on what is going wrong. This motivates the team to see more opportunities to improve rather than seeing what we are doing wrong. 

Listen to understand, not to speak. Speak to express and not to impress. 

There are multiple learning styles and it is up to the professional to identify those styles of learning and move accordingly to allow the learner the best opportunity to learn and be successful. 

As a leader understanding emotional intelligence can give a great understanding of your team personality and why they do the things they do. It gives a better understanding of how to approach certain situations at hand.  

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