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Management | Origin: LS101R

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Do You Manage Or Lead? --> Management

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To me the best example of managment is leading by  setting good examples, being fair and recognizing those that perform well

There are several myths about being a manager.

While reviewing this content, I learned that it is not always the best fit for someone to be a leader even though they are the best performer of the task. Being a leader requires additional leadership skills, that can outweigh job performance. Sometimes those qualities are difficult to recognize until they are put into a leadership position. 

I learned that a top performer in an organization doesn't always qualify the individual for a management position.

Being a good leader involves many important qualities. You should know what it takes to do the job you are asking your team to do but also have additional skills to get your team collaborating. 

I am beginning to learn there is a difference between managing and leading. Not all managers can lead. 

Not everyone can be a leader or management. The top producer is not always your best fit for these positions.

A manager must always be competent in the work environment, coupled with the ability to get work done through people, that is a good communicator, planner, and goal oriented.

Management is hard especially with all of the myths but communication is a important part.

Management can be difficult. You have to be able to hold people accountable and maintain the relationship.  To be effective in management you must demonstrate you care. A manager is the individual who delivers on the vision of a leader.

Not everyone can be a manager. It takes more than simply being good at what you do. You also need to possess certain people skills and the ability to influence others.  

Good management is leading people to execute best practices while overseeing policies and procedures are done correctly and consistently.

Comment on Lakiya Jones's post: Stong communication is a key aspect of a good manager.

Leaders should lead by example and have excellent communication skills.

There are many aspects to being a good manager like knowledge of the department, people & communication skills, vision to drive the team and company forward, etc. But it seems that some people go into management only having one particular subset of the necessary skills. It takes more than just being a skilled employee and telling people what to do in order to lead a team and be considered a good manager.

Being a good leader has many layers in order to be considered successful and impactful. 

Lead with positive intent, and good employees will follow

A good manager is able to implement the policies and procedures laid out by the business in a way that encourages the people they manage to follow suit. 

Managers are essential to execute on a business outcome.  

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