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Self-Awareness in Learning and Communication | Origin: LS105R

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Your Leadership Toolkit --> Self-Awareness in Learning and Communication

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Having self-awareness make me a better leader. I must know "thyself" and understand me before I can lead others.

To be effective as a leader you must know and understand the various learning styles to be effective.

knowing the learning styles is an important skill to be a good teacher. It's also very valuable when relaying information about tasks you want performed to team members. The clearer you can be the more likely they will follow through with the assignment in the way you wan t it done.

I was surprised about the number of people kinesthetic learners.  

Self awareness in learning and communication involves being mindful of your own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and how you relate and communication with others. It is important to have self awareness to convey messages clearly and build stronger relationships. Overall, self awareness is a valuable skill that can enhance professional and personal development. 

I have noticed teaching hands-on that my students do well as we teach with diagrams, photos, touch, and have a genuine sense of satisfaction with completion.

learning styles are crucial to hands-on training. this awareness has helped the student outcome immensely. 

So so true. Self awareness is an essential aspect of understanding and maximizing your fullest potentials as a leader, in communication and in effective communication. 

There are multiple learning styles and it is up to the professional to identify those styles of learning and move accordingly to allow the learner the best opportunity to learn and be successful. 

Acknowledging the significance of self-awareness and effective leadership is essential. Recognizing oneself is a crucial step for personal and professional development. This process involves comprehending and accepting one's emotions, strengths, weaknesses, and values without bias or judgment.

To be effective, you must be able to identigy the learning styles

It's interesting how some of the characteristics associated with different learning preferences can also be taken as learning challenges when they are not understood properly. Not recognizing how to better reach other types of learners can lead to judgement, confusion, and frustration. I like how the lesson breaks them each down, explains it from the learner perspective, and then gives examples of how to tailor the lesson/approach.

I am entirely visual in my learning style

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