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Interventions, coaching, GPA updates, ect. are all crucial to ensure that the studet understands where they are, where they need to be, and their strengths & weaknesses. This way we can set them up for sucess.

An effort to keep retention is to keep on motivating, make it fun, let the student know the will be succeful and their effort is not unseen. The way I would apply this is to insure they are understanding and interested in the way they are being educated weather that be Visually, Auditory, Kinesthetically, or through Reading & Wrighting.

It is understadable that not every student will complete their course or field of study but if you can tell the diffrence between the 2 attrition that happen we can combate the issues early to ensure that we retain more students in the future. The way I would apply this is to catch any issue early and head on and come up with the proper game plan to retain the students.

It is important to stay up to date on admissions policies to maintain compliance. 


. Admissions officers nor Financial Aid officers cannot complete FAFSA documents on behalf of students.


We cannot guarantee placement and employment, but we can help guide students to the right resources. 

Understanding the entire admissions process thoroughly and the rule that apply

I've learned the truth of transparency and accurate advertisement and marketing.  Also, always give the most truth answer as it regards to expectations.   

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