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Emotional Intelligence | Origin: LS105R

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Your Leadership Toolkit --> Emotional Intelligence

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I've realized that in general I have different relationships with different staff members.  I would like to focus on building relationships with those that I lead but do not interact with as frequently.  This will be an exercise in emotional intelligence because I will be required to learn what others think, believe, and value, and respond to their perceptions in ways that are congruent with their expectations while also ensuring that I present myself in a way that shows I value and understand them. 

As a leader this trait is very important.  Having empathy and listening provides a better understanding of that individual.

Based on this, I am an authentic leader who uses a good deal of emotional intelligence working with my staff. I have always utilized not only empathy when listening but also paying attention to the physical cues. I have worked to learn each of my staff as individuals. Which has helped to meet their needs while also meeting the goals of the school

Emotional awareness is essential in being an effective leader. Having a empathy allows you to truly communicate effectively with your teams. Effective  communication leads to identify items and processes that are working and those that need attention. 

Emotional intelligence in leadership is vital and useful.  I appreciate the suggestion fo how to listen.  I will use that.  

Both students and staff benefit from leaders who demonstrate emotional intelligence. In my experience, this leadership ability is often overlooked and underdeveloped. 

I did not know that authentic leadership was considered "a style." We speak of authenticity often, yet the emphasis on self-awareness with empathy is the path to owning it. Thank you.

A very good reminder to listen with your eyes and your heart, showing compassion will improve empathy. When a teacher is motivated and authentic students will most likely engage. 

self-regulation will also re-direct impulses and moods that can interfere with learning.

Emotional intelligence is a valued and necessary asset and resource as a leader. Leadership is proactive and often requires the ability to be a relatable and trusted leader. 

I think that active listening is a fundamental skill for effective leadership. When you give your full attention to an employee and truly listen to what they have to say, you demonstrate respect, empathy, and understanding. This not only fosters trust and rapport but also allows you to gain valuable insights into the thoughts, concerns, and ideas of your team members. By being all ears and genuinely hearing them out, you create an environment where employees feel valued and supported, which is essential for maintaining morale and fostering a positive work culture.

I inherently distrust people I suspect of being inauthentic, & distrust impulses away from inauthenticity in myself, so naturally I think authenticity is paramount in leadership. 

As a leader understanding emotional intelligence can give a great understanding of your team personality and why they do the things they do. It gives a better understanding of how to approach certain situations at hand.  

My experience has taught me that effective leadership requires an authentic situational leadership style and strong emotional intelligence. A leader's ability to connect with employees on an emotional level can significantly impact their engagement and productivity. Prioritizing emotional intelligence in leadership style can help build and maintain strong employee relationships, contributing positively to the overall success of the organization.

This course is interesting because I took it after taking the EQ-I ( Emotional Quotient Inventory) assessment which showed that my assertiveness and empathy were above average but the independence aspects were drastically lower (which can impact authenticity). However, this course connects the two more rather than seeing them individually.

Everyone benefit from great leadership qualities.  Implimenting the leadership skills is what I truly have to embrace and apply quickly

Looking at my results on an EQ assessment I am very good at intuition and reading others and not so good with taking care of myself. 

Understanding the emotional make up of others, listening more with an open mind, will help to better motivate people

This can make or break a leader. There are some very important aspects of leadership that are found in EQ and starting with self - is one of the most important! 

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