Andrew Pace

Andrew Pace

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Critical to consider the different avenues available for students, from pre-apprentice to general labor to private firms that are more concerned with professional ability than certification (which, in turn, means certification-based curriculum really has to stress the real world application over the academic). 

Active listening is such a critical tool & one that I catch myself constantly having to willfully practice. 

I inherently distrust people I suspect of being inauthentic, & distrust impulses away from inauthenticity in myself, so naturally I think authenticity is paramount in leadership. 

Agency & accountability are always good traits to bolster

I like the idea of using peer discussion as a means of leveling out learning styles

It can be daunting to disentangle trauma effects from the normal chaos of growing up, & in both cases, being a calm, positive example & showing what it means to be here caringly seems so important

Engaging with empathy is paramount

It's good to know the scope of responsibility an instructor can have regarding a student who has experienced trauma. 

One that successfully bridges community need with student growth

We definitely haven't employed a yearly calendar in our planning & will start doing so immediately. 

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