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Objective and Subjective Assessment | Origin: EL106

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Evaluating Student Learning in Online Courses --> Objective and Subjective Assessment

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I have learned specific examples of norm and criterion referenced assessments. I plan to use criterion referenced tests.

I learned that norm and criterion assessments are something I have used in the past, but have never really placed within a category of testing to assess my student's progress really from two different angles.

Objective Assesments have a right or wrong answer where subjective assesments are more like essays that answer an open ended question.  Subjective assesments must have a rubric with it so that the student understands how they will be evaluated. 


objective information is fact based and subjective is based on personal opinions, points of view. i appreciate that i can view a students progress in many different ways. 

Providing essays and problem solving scenarios as a subjective assessment can give the instructor some insight as to the level of student understanding as the student will need to go beyond acknowledging and stating facts.

The module covered 3 points we, as instructors, need to consider:

1)  Assessment reliability and validity to make the test free of bias.  However, validity is more important to ensure a test measures the intended learning outcomes.

2)  Objective and subjective assessments, the difference between the two types. It also looked at the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

3)  Norm- and Criterion-referenced assessments. When to use each one.

Regardless of the assessment type we choose, we must ensure it aligns the intended learning outcomes. In addition, we must inform the students about the grading method.  

Using rubrics allows students to know the criteria and quality of the work submitted.  Given the rubric to the students; offer necessary adjustments needed to achieve the learning and to get the score they are aiming for.

I am planning to use a rubric with the course project.  

I have learned the difference between the two types of evaluations and their importance to our students.

I found the importance of essay type questions to gain insight to whether or not a student has a broader understanding beyond the simply memorized information.

I learned that even in a objective test, it is very important to provide feedback.

I learned the difference between normal reference and criterion reference

I learned that objective assessment are more of a right or wrong ansewers and should include feedback. Subjective assessment can include essays and con be more instructo driven, but should include the use of rubrics to ensure reliability and vadility. 


objective assessments have a right or wrong answer where subective are more of a essay stating how much the student knows.


That "Norm-referenced assessments should be used to compare a student's skills to skills of others within a particular group. On the other hand, "Norm-referenced assessments are most appropriate when the instructor wants to make comparisons across a large numbers of students or needs to make a decision regarding student placement and advancement."

Most of the tests we have given out have been Norm-referenced it is a method that shows the knowledge of the subject. I like to know the student understands the subject matter so I can see the effectiveness of criterion as well


i have learned that objective assessments have a right or wrong answer where subective are more of a essay stating how much the student knows.

Objective and subjective assessments can be used in concert to test students' abilities relative to Bloom's hierarchy. This is critical for the introductory process but even more so when students are required to demonstrate lateral or higher-order thinking.


If we use both objective and subjective assessments throughout a course, I believe it would help give us a better understanding of what is sticking with our students. If all assessments are objective, it might be too easy for students to simply recall bits of information based on multiple answers provided but essay questions would tell us what they've actually been retaining on the subject matter and how they put that information together in their memory.

I learned that a subjective test is evaluated by giving an opinion.  They are more challenging to prepare, adminster and evaluate correctly.

I know know the difference between subjective and objective assesments.

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