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The Importance of Passive Learning | Origin: EL120

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Fully Online Doesn’t Mean Inactive --> The Importance of Passive Learning

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Students must be allowed to participate in their learning process and the instructor can make this happen by intentionally altering the instructional design and activities to benefit the students.  Passive learning is still required, especially for new material, however, it should not always be passive. It is the instructor's responsibility to create experiences and materials that will help the students' learning.



Reply to Courtney Haworth's post:I like how you summed this up and also really liked learning to differntiate the times when passive learning is needed and how it lays a foundation for active learning and to assimilate material. 

Be engaged with the students.

Passive learning in not inactive learning.

Passive learning is important to get the content out to a large group of people.  Then once that content is processed, active learning can take place.


Passive learning is what is percieved to be absorbed, active learning is what is apparent and understood.


I plan to use passive learning to begin the class period and then progress to active learning as the class period continues.

This was so well written. Indeed one needs passive learning to understand the content before actively building on it! 


I have learned that active learning techniques will work best when students have a foundation of information gained through passive techniques.  


An interesting read.

Passive learning allows time to absorb and digest the information

Being engaged with the students and offering personalized attention can help the passive students succeed. I also ak the students why learning this portion of the course can help them in the future. It does seem to work with the one that are passive learniners.


Passive learning still has a role in the classroom.  However, it should be not overused and should be limited in time to short "bursts".

I can't deny the value of active learning however I do not yet see how online tools come close to the classroom environment for engaging students.  Perhaps independent research and holding mandatory Zoom sessions?

It is very important to allow students to be a passive learning if that will help to absorb and understand better


Passive learning has advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is you can deliver a lot of information to a large group at one. A disadvantage is lack of feeback. 

The course content must be engaging. If the initial information seems boring, students may not be involved but if student understands the first information may be less exciting but it is necessary information and the Active part will be next, where they can practice and apply what they just learned and use critical thinking skills, that may help.

Passive learning is necessary in very short, concise bursts in the online environment. Shift to active learning techniques to expound on the short burst of information.


Passive learning is important in terms of delivering a uniform message to all students; maintaining control over student learning and direction of class; provides structure for students; and allows main topics to be introduced before switching to more active learning methods.


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