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The Usefulness of Active Learning | Origin: EL120

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Fully Online Doesn’t Mean Inactive --> The Usefulness of Active Learning

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

This module showed me that our online course designs are set up for active learning.

This module showed me that active learning is more than just "doing" an activity.  The students need to have some "ownership" of their learning and the activities to be more engaged.  Creating a good learning environment is also important to promote active learning. 


This frst module showwed that planning is required for engaging students - and lessons can and should be modified to help that engagement 

The more engaged the student is the more they retain.

This module showed me the importance of having students actively partake in the planning process. Having them feel that they have a sy so in their learning is critical. I will definitely solicit their input prior to beginning a new topic.






It is important to be prepared. The a good student experiencxe is done with a lot of planning.


I learned it takes a lot of preparation for students to have a good online experience.

In order for true learning to take place, active learing should be planned out by the instructor.  


The online learning should be interactive, compaired to a classroom but must be planned to keep students interactive.


This is fascinating. Active learning is so important for memory. 

Learning can take place eith equal rigor and engagement no matter the modality.  It is critical that engagement is planned. I will engage in that planning moving forward.


The discussion of "Does eating an apple or drawing an apple teach you more about its texture" truly stood out to me. Of courde, eating the apple does. This is one reason why it is so impotant to fostor an envirnment of active learning when your student is in the classroom. Give them the opportunity to eat the apple! 


It's important to design rubrics with active learning in mind taking into consideration the quality of students' responses as well as logical reasoning and by measuring how they apply information and ideas.




Having just completed some eight MK courses, this course changed the format and consistency and design layout of the prior eight courses, which seems to be a deviation from what was touted in prior courses as consistency in design. I for one did not enjoy or appreciate the change.

I love learning online because it is learning at the comfort of your home, where you cannot spend time outside exposing risk of the pandemic and at the same time learning is still ongoing.

Each student has a different way of actively learning. Students can still be engaged even without saying anything. This means students have different learning styles.

I learned that active learning should be not judged by the teachers to the students because there are a lot of ways to evaluate the students if they are learning with the class. I doesn't mean they might not be participating, it does not mean they are not actively learning.

Engagement  & planning are  key for success

Our online class are geared to the student self learning. I know I am constantly tellinbg the students the are in charge of their own learning and expect them to be active in the course. Their participation makes the course successful.


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