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I have students that have a long time to pick up on how to wire I try to give them as much of mine tim to get it 


I go over all of my safety on the first day of class and let them know what will haopen if. They are caught doing something wro in the lab


Makln sUte the students understand what you are looking for at the beginning of the class on how to wire their project thur out the term.


I try doing the first project so they can see what I want them to do.


It's important that you make sure the students know what they need to do and what you are looking for so they can do everything you want them to do 


I'm not sure this will work on all of my classes because they st need to do the hand on wiring 

I feel like you can have the students learn at their own time

This would help the students learn how to understand how to wire 

I feel this is a great way for students to get to like to learn 

I think this is a good idea to get suden involved in what they are learning.

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