Media Strategies & Instructional Systems Design (ISD) | Origin: EL101

I have learned that it is important to engage students in various avenues such as: in online discussions, fourums, synchronous meetings, etc.  At times, the online learner may feel disconnected and isolated.  So its important to engage them.


Creating on online asynchronous class requires different methods than synchronous courses. However, many of the same methodologies of synchronous education can be "tweaked" to be useful in the online environment. 


What is the best tool to keeping track of social media outcomes?

Concept maps are a good way to link important info.

You must utilize multiple applications to create content for online course. 

Instructional design and components is what makes online learning successful.


Instructional System Design (ISD) is designed to produce effective courses for learners.  Applying the steps of Analysis, Design, Development, and Evaluation result in a well-thought-out plan of instruction. Media Strategies, Student Participation, evaluation all create a positive learning environment,

ISD model: analysis, design, development, evaluation is a perfect guide how to create an online class.


This session was helpful for understanding ISD and the steps for implementation.  The discussion of media strategies was useful and I will directly apply them in my course presentations.  


Graphics reinforce the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  Graphics can become visual mnemonics, increasing the retention of content while increasing student focus on what is being taught.

This helped to frame a process for creating an e-learning course. I am working on cleaning up a course that was hastily put online but will likely have e-learning aspects in the future.

I learned how important it is to use a design that will actively engage students. 


Instructors need to accurately communicate to students, using detailed rubrics outlining how they will be evaluated, so students will have a clear understanding of what the expectations are for their performance. 

Self assessment as well as community discussions among group of students with discussion posts are important for students to gauge their level of understanding, and compare their thought process to others in order to get help and assist others.

Very helpful and a good reminder that using media, u tube video's and encouraging peer to peer interaction will improve the outcome for the students in the on line environment. Setting up successful strategies for learning will keep the students more engaged

Plan to use techology for a better outcome in the learning environment. It also keeps the student engaged in the assignments

Learning online requires the development of creative materials. In addition using tools in the discussion board, assignment, etc. can create an interactive and innovative environment.


Instructors need to connect the course materials and activities with meaningful, desired course outcomes. Everything needs to have a purpose.


Great explanation of ISD cycle

ELearning requieres, design, developement, content and knoeledge