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It is important and helpful to incorporate every day things we use around us, to help the different learning domains.

By using creativity, teachers can engage students into learning new material using items they are already familiar with. This helps to build on knowledge that is already retained in their long term memory making it easier for the new material to move from their short term memory to their long term memory.

Creativity Aids In Learning.

I will adapt the spaghetti muscles to illustrate sarcomere function in A&P, adapt pizza gases or ABG go fish to diagnostic bacteriology in Med Micro, :ulse point macarena in A&P,  The techniques are very engaging for kinesthetic learners.


Great course

 Learning is enhanced when active learning strategies are employed.

Learning blood parameters and how to analyze the results is often a challenging task.  Using the index cards and making a group activity out of it so that there is social interaction and open dicussion to come to a common agreement would be beneficial to the learning process for students.


There were lots of great examples in this chapter that pertain to engineering technologist working in healthcare and with medical/laboratory/radiological equipment. I plan to start with the BINGO (blackout version) to have students motivated to work with several biomedical engineering technologist as they look for common problems address those issues with a qualified engineering technician. The categories(columns) can be 5 different but very common medical devices and the rows can be the individual problems that occur with each device. Students will end up addressing 5 different devices with 5 different common problems giving them a skillset of 25 total problems to learn while working in the hospital Clinical Engineering Department. 

I liked all the all the teaching tool in this module especially the spagetti idiea. We have something similar with wires but the spagetti is much better better I like how they all build on the group of muscles and by physically holding it they will remember.

Now, I can try to exercise my creativity by thinking and planning with my content to teach my students.  

Love the go fish cards.


Games increase retention

Differnt ways to teach the  blood parameters in ABG

It's important to respect diverse talents and styles of learning; therefore, as a facilitator of education, you must utilize visual, auditory, and kinesthetic tools to achieve positive learning outcomes. 

The use of card games was a great idea. It can be used with any learning objective that has compare/contrast, if this, then that, and other dual idea concepts. 

I have learned that there are many different ways to add to your lecture kinetically. You can use raw spaghettic noodles to teach anatomy and physiology that serves to allow the students to see how muscles work. I was also so excited by ABC fish which can be used to help students gain knowledge with blood gases, I subject I struggled with when I was in school. I will always be willing to sing the Macarena. So I think I can add a great deal to my lectures by utilizing any of these great tools.

 Explaining muscles by spaghetti noodles, ABG by go fish and acid-base by Pizza all sounds interesting . It can be confusing to students as well. Alllowing students to feel their own muscles...showing them what is acidic (lemons)and what is alkaline (Vinegar ) also helps...Learning a few things can help: Normal ph 7.35-7.45

metabolic: high ph/high O2=alkalosis

Metabolic: low PH/ Low O2=acidosis

Respiratory: Low ph/ High Co2= acidosis 

Respiratory: High ph/ low Co2=alkalosis 

I learned about how to increase understanding of ABG.s by color differentiation. I will implement this.


These exercises were very creative!  I can't wait to try them.