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Learning the art of classroom teaching resources integration is important to ensure learning and understanding. This info gives you further insight into behavior modification and attention captivation through classroom technique manipulation.

The info help me see that I can be helpful to all kinds of students of any generation. 

This information is usefull in helping students with different learing styles.


All of this information is very helpful in learning how to communication and teach different generations of students. 


Very Helpful Information. 


I have learned to identity the different generations, and learned about their learning preferences.  Also learned about how technology has come into each generation's lives and how each generation adopts technology and lives in an connected world.

able to assist in the different learning styles of our different age students

Using multiple techniques and strategies in the classroom is a must! Obviously, focusing in on the generation Y and Z for our school will be important. Technology, technology, technology and small groups.


Implement different methods of instruction based on the type of generations in the classroom.


Utilizing the learning styles of different generations will help me in the future engage the class through more individualized learning strategies.

While I have been teaching over the past several years I have noticed that we have shifted from the silent generation to the gen Z population. I have noticed the differences in attention span and communication. The silent generation very seldom asked questions but over the years the but why has increased because of the need to know generation. How will this help me? Do I really need to know this. It is very important to stay up to date with technology in the medical field as an instructor because things we taught five years ago may still be used but there is always something better that the students are aware of.

When I have a class with all the different generations it always interesting to see them all eventually working collarbative together in groups.


Seth Soronnadi

Learned that the " Gen X members tend to be guided by the overall big question: Does it work? This demonstrates their more pragmatic approach to life and even technology. It is not as important to this cohort how something works, it is just important that it does work." Something to be aware of. 



The newer generation like some of the older generations. Like to be shown what is the benefit of them learning and how they can apply it for them to make money the quick and easiest way.

It is vital to understand the various generations of students within your class so that you know how to engage them with learning. 

some generalizations here are far off base, but interesting to think about. The trends that people grew up in certainly influence..

Each generation has specifics that define them, their learnig styles and personal preferences for success.


this info informed me of all the different generations and how they learn.


The instructor needs to understand the exposures of students across generations