Shannon Carson

Shannon Carson

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Most of the discussion it something I implement daily to myself and students. Very good reminders. 

The central challenge is the processing of information, which is different for different students and has nothing to do with intelligence. 

The linguistic code and framework of the mother tongue will help the student learn the new language more accurately. 

That when a student is multi lingual they are not only learning a new concept of what is being taught but learning it in the different languages too. 

It is important for instructors to be aware of differences and how certain descriptors have been assigned by society. This is so that instructors can include every student.

Comment on Kathleen Fabrizi' post 

I agree I want to apply this to myself also. 

Learned about Schema. 

Schema are important because each individual thinks, perceives, and understands through their own specific schema.



Low EQ can mean health issues. 

Ten important soft skills 

1. Attention to detail

2. Being drug free

3. Conflict resolution

4. Customer service 

5. Dependability 

6. Good Work relationships 

7. Integrity 

8. Positive attitude 

9. Understanding others 

10. Using common sense 


Intrinsic and extrinsic are helpful tools 

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