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Emotional Intelligence in Learning --> Integrated Intelligences

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

 As instructor, it is important to continue to challenge our selves for growth and it  help us an instructor to create learning environment within which your students can grow their intelligence and not simply accumulate facts.  As intructors, we should realize that each students  has his/ her own pace and preferences and also his/ her own intelligences.

I agree with Ms. Rodriguez in that we as instructors must challenges ourselve to maintain our emotional intelligence. Also, . as 8nstructors. we must make sure that our students challenges themselves to enhance their emotional intelligence. It is true that in order for this to happen, we must create an environment conducive to learning.

Ann Nelson


We as teachers must try to create positive learning environment for our students so that they can be involved in active learning and achieve their educational objectives and reach their ultimate goal and be successful. We can help them reaching their goals with encouragement, otivation and empathy that they would require often or time to time during their learning stages.

Reply to Ann Nelson's post:I totally agree with you here Ann and just to add my thoughts to your nice post, we as teacher not only help them (our students) with emotinal settlement but also show them the tools that they can use to motivate themselves in future events as well.

Reading about these things makes me want to learn more about Motesorri and Waldorf educational approaches. Especially now that I have two little girls that will soon be entering the public school system. As an educator I also want to learn ways to structure my classroom and projects/activities to give studentsauthentic experiences that teach the whole person.


We must create a positive learning environment for students so that they can perform to the best of their abilities. 

As a teacher is is essentail create an envirment to improve the intellelignece 

A teacher that has a mastery of multiple intelligence levels will be best positioned to provide a solid learning environment for students. 


Authentic learning refers to “real-life” or “real-world” activities, problems, or projects within which students can interact with others and formulate their own opinions through engagement. So, rather than learning within a preset or unreal context, students have a chance to learn in order to use and apply. 

All of these models, or approaches, focus on student choice, collaboration, heightened interaction, and active learning options rather than passive, singular, or linear learning models. The more choice students are given, and the wider the scope of activities and engagement, the more likely it is that students will draw from the various intelligences they have and also develop them more effectively. 

Fluid learning is the idea of always lerning and never becoming static in your growth abilities.


We learn from many different aspects, not a linear path. This helps us attain new knowledge & how to use it. Traits that were learned & will be used / reinforced upon are: Learn from mistakes, re-evaluate you views, recover from failures, make your own luck, push for what you believe in, actions are louder than words.. This is an ongoing process that never stops.

As well, we need to plan for teaching to multiple intelligences. Each student has their own mix. We can consider competency, holistic, & inclusive based learning, to build on this.

Fluidity is the best part of intelligence, it is & will always be developed. Elements that I learned & will continue to consider are: seek novelty, challenge ones self, think creatively, work out emotionally, & network. I will continue to do this.


Being authentic in teaching will result in authentic learning. Traits that were learned & that I have or will grow in are. Realistic perceptions of reality, accepting of others, & ones self, thoughtful, non hostile sense of humor, express emotions freely & clearly, learn form mistakes, understand my motivations. On the learning side of this the characteristics to use & reinforce are… Real world problems, open ended enquiry, students engaging in group learning, Reinforce their learning in project groups.

In summary to this, Authentic learning must be not self directed, but directed to others, while using real life / real world context, so it can be applied more fluidly.  I will be reinforcing this.

All of this. 

Intellegence is fluid. Not fixed

Intelligence can be developed and ongoing.

Teachers must create opportunities for students to develop their senses, get to know themselves, and come up with answers/solutions.


Intelligence is ongoing and can be developed. Having mastered multiple levels of intelligence models, makes the instructor the best possible for the students to learn. 


It is important to have a positive learning environment. There are so many things going on in the lives of students that can be distractions from learning. A posititive environment fosters creativity and ideas.

Intelligence is fluid and can be learned and improved upon.  And as an educator, keeping my own intelligences skills honed, is the best way to motivate students and collaborate with them so they can learn as much as they want!

Integrated intelligence includes multiple methods of learning. Multiple methods of learning allow students with different learning styles to acquire new information in a way they can comprehend.

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