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Assessments have always proven problematic in education. How do we prove to a larger audience that our students know something? How do we show hard evidence of something that is at times abstract and anecdotal? Rubrics, reflections, analysis, and pre-post tests, it is all very similar, just put in a new format.

As in face-2-face instruction it seems that the problem of how to keep students motivated and engaged is always a major issue to contend with. I also thought the idea and possibility of creating a game sounds amazing. Maybe a summer project. 

I realize the scaffolding and pre-teaching that needs to happen before implimenting a game or simulation is essential. That and using a response form or follow up assignment can help to drive home the essential teaching objectives that were being targeted. 

As I was reading all of this I realized that most of the learning experiences I actually remember vividly were all elaborate simulations conducted by my teachers (in person). Even at the time I was impressed by how much planning and time they had put into these activities. It make me want to create these kind of experiences for my students - especially in an online environment. 

The graphic organizers made it really clear and easy to follow. Good example of the content they were also prsenting.

I have made the mistake of creating quizzes that needed to be manually graded and then got lost in the shuffle. I like that this course stresses the importance of timely responses and being aware of what can be graded immediately, so as to provide immediate feedback to the student.

I appreciate the variety of different learning activities available. 

I see some areas in my own planning that I can immediately remedy! Also, now in 2021 after a year of pandemic distance learning becoming a craze, I'd love to see how those statistics have changed!

While there is a lot of good information here, I wish it was just considered best practices, not something special or above and beyond that we are doing for this particular group of people. Also, I work in a high school with kids that have PTSD from their childhoods/current living situations. It would be interesting to see more strategies on how to help those students as well. Not just vetrans.

It is interesting to view IEPs as a tool for student \s even after they have graduated high school. I like the thought that it can be helpful ot them in identifying strategies that helped them be successful.

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