Chad Pillai

Chad Pillai

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The impact of understanding emotional intelligence will help in the conduct of education since it will tailor instructions that match student needs and ways of learning.  This will ensure greater success among the student population. 


A teacher that has a mastery of multiple intelligence levels will be best positioned to provide a solid learning environment for students. 


Understanding Emotional Intelligence allows me to consider different methods of motivating students, and finding various methods to help them learn and absorb the materials being taught. 


Teachers must account for their students emotional intelligence and match their teaching methods to accomodate them to ensure learning success. 


Adult learners like well structured classes and are generally more self-motivated. 

Advising is one of the most important elements of a student's education.  It is important that techers and administrators know how to advise students to ensure they get the most out of their education. 

Apply a mixture of active and passive listening. 

Students should not be viewed as customers.  They should be viewed as investments that require dedication from teachers and administrators. 

I learned that adults learn differently than children and that techers need to account for that when developing thier lesson plans. 

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