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I am going to use socratic questions when teaching in the simulation lab. 


I think that critical thinking is extremely important in our professional lives as well as our personal lives.

Our Students are bombarded with information from numerous sources and need critical thinking skills to decifer.


I have learned thst it is important for students to engage in solving critical thinking problems.  The more they practice, the better they will become at solving real-world situations.


When we teach our Essentials for Success class we emphasize evaluating the source your information is coming from.  The topic presents this as something to be used when doing research in school, but it is good to point out that this process should also be used in daily life. With the amount of "massaged" messages being broadcast it can be hard for students to critically analyze information if they are not practiced at it.

I don't think students are truly aware of the time investment it will take to develop critical thinking...

I've learned that it takes critical thinking in order to be successful in anything that one does. In education it allows instructors to bring out the critical thinking process within themselves and their students. 


Using knowledge to make important decisions.

I do not think kids need to be taught critical thinking the way we are learning it in this course. Kids need to be kids. There is a natural development of infants-toddlers-children- preteen - teens - young adults - adults. Trying to influence the development of children to be mature and knowledgable before they are ready doesn't help them nor society. 

Critical thinking skills being taught to adults is nice, because it lays out th theory for our experience in a way that helps us come to terms with ourselves and others. IF we had anything to come to terms with. 

This subject is interesting so far. I still know nothing to contribute anything of substance to this conversation. I just know that I don't know enough to start making suggestions to change things. 


Strong critical thinking skills are developed over time and are based off of experience. Critical thinking can't really be taught by an instructor, it has to be experienced by the indivual for it to be truly learned.


The sayiing "Common sense is not common" is becoming more interesting by the moment.

"Google it" and you will find the answer! All of this is not so easy and it is so important for students to try and find the Do's and Dont's, the who, what, where and why to different case studies or life experiences. we are rapidly moving away from creativity and the idea of employees being problem solvers and solution oriented. I truly hope to make my classes more challenging in this sense.

I found the statement of 300 people being in control of 80%what we see and hear on television is profound. Critical thinking should be taught from day one, which it is not and too many rely on the first thing they see on the internet which is absolutley wrong. 

think about this in the culinary field: Am I going to a blog for a recipe because it sounds great and looks good? or Am to go to a trusted site that is known for its Recipe testing, Authenticity which may not be exactly what I was looking for but still much better than the other option that could easily be from someone with no professional knowledge.

Critical thinking is a process and something that needs developing. The discussion of using of examples to illustrate situations was impactful and something of whcih I will be mindful.

Critical thinking is useful in everday life.  One should never stop developing critical thinking

This is an interesting course so far. Critical thinking is an essential skill and, as with any other skill, it needs to be honed over time. Exposing students to situations where thery have to gather information, assess its accuracy and then draw sound conclusions based on the facts they gathered is something that will enhance their learning as well as make them valuable employees (and generally serve them well through life).  

Critical thinking is important in almost any discipline. It is important to teach our students this trait that is being lost, if we can utilize this in our teaching, the students will be better off since it is disappearing. 


Crital Thinking is a life long skill you should teacher your students to help them make good informed decisiions.  This should be included in your curriculum some how.

We live in a world where information is at a click of a button, which doesn't requires ones to think. Critical Thinking is something that our students need to develop. It requires instructors to be able to draw their students out by asking questions. This in turn will help student to learn to analyze the information that was given.

Critical Thinking is an important part of learning.

It takes a very open mind to see all sides of an issue. With that it takes time.  We must overcome our own prejudices to see how it all fits together.

With the explosion of the internet, social media, and access to more information than every before, we find people are still decidedly uncritical in their thinking (ie: buy into one positions or another on many issues and topics based on their tribe), or are incredibly critical in their thinking and question more and more of what they see. 

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