Liana Wood

Liana Wood

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The use of technology in the classroom is something that I support and stress as when in the workplace students will be faced with using these various systems. Technology not only aids in the classroom learning process but is something that is crucial to business. It is a win win if students are able to grasp things early in their career. 

The emotional intelligence section really spoke to me as well as the section on reflection. It is important to be self-aware. 

The section on discipline was especially impactful. It is important we help students develop in this area.  

Critical thinking is a process and something that needs developing. The discussion of using of examples to illustrate situations was impactful and something of whcih I will be mindful.

Both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators have their purposes and can be useful in the classroom. 

I appreacited the discussion of autonomy - it can be a win win for both student and instructor when applied properly in the classroom. 

Active learning is important for students as it keeps them engaged and present. This module was helpful in thinking of implementation. 

I appreciated the focus on exercises and examples to foster active learning strategies. 

This section was especially insightful with the discussion of Mnemonics - it is a tool that I use myself and will use to help students. 

Making classroom content relevant to the students is crucial. If they can connect to the material and visualize how it impacts them retention is always greater. 

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