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Today's instantaneous world doesn't provide enough opportunities for students to practice and develop critical thinking skills.

I've reiterated the importance of Critical Thinking in my own life as well as in the lives of my students. Due to what I often describe as the "feedback loop" in which questions and answers are often exchanged through near instantaneous means on the internet, students (as well as teachers) lose their ability to develop a fundamental understanding on the material at hand and can have their skills crippled as a result/

Common sense is not so common anymore.

Critical thinking requires the use of thinking of recommendations and solutions to situations. It is critical for the advancement of life.

Socratic questioning is important to help students develop critical thinking skills and be able to judge and apply the content.

Critical thinking is the ability to gather and filter information in order to make self determined and thus educated decision vs having an emotionally based decision making process.

Comment on Stacie Williamson's post: it is essential  but most importantly I feel that it opens up the stuents meantally to other possibillities when as a group disscussing to the options or alternatives to a perticular subject. 

I also feel that yes social media is a big factor making our student think faster when trying to explore other options. 


Critical Thinking is a process and we also need to help our students. This can be done by giving time and effort, we can also ask questions to get them to think.

Critical education requires non-emotionally based decisions based on gathering  relational knowledge.

I agree on critical thinking is important skill to be able to function 

Critical thinking is important to everyday life as we need to use those skills 

Critical thinking is a problem solving , reasoning and evaluating 

Critical thinking happens from birth, and as instructors, we need to assist our students in developing the skill.

Critical thinking skills allow individuals to perform problem-solving and decision-making effectively. 

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