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The Learning Process | Origin: ED108

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Learning Theory and Practice --> The Learning Process

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

This topic gives me a better idea of the adult learning brain. It will help me understand my adult learning students, and helps me better assist them with the learning process.

I agree this gives me a better insight to the adult learner and how to structure things better for the class and them.

Some of this information I am familiar with. But, I have probably learned that my brain is capable of learning 400 new things per year. I was particularly interested in how students use the filters of deletion, distortion, and generalizations. Deletion for insturctors is hard because you don't want to be obvious with key concepts, but want them to realize they are key concepts.

Teaching adult learners will require a variation in learning tools. All students retain information at different levels and as a facilitator you need to add concrete, hands on activities that student to relate information too for future recall.


I loved the fact of learning for different ages and walks of life.


Educators have such a responsibility and a challenging role in meeting the needs of individual learners. With the average age of the adult learners  entering into career education being 28 and the brain has recently reached maturity the recipients should have this information too. Learning logs may be helpful in the beginning of school for these adult learners.

With a bettter understanding lessons and activities can be created that will help the students to gain experience in using both concrete and abstract thinking.


Brain development phases.


This topic gives me a better understanding of how the adult learner's brain works when processing new information.

It will help me better facilitate the information to adult learning students.

Having students from different stages we have to adjust our teaching skills to facilitate the information processed by each student.

This lesson has been valuable in assisting me understand how important the use of creativity is when providing instruction. 


     In this first module, I learned about the learning process. As an educator, it is important for me to understand and remember learning in different stages of life and how the brain works and stores information in different developmental stages. This way, I can adjust my teaching styles to match my students’ interests and ability to learn and retain information. By distinguishing between concrete and abstract thinking, I can determine which part of my lessons and activities can be created in certain ways for the students to gain experience from which they will remain in their memories.

It's good to be aware that some students have a difficult time with abstract thinking and prefer the safe ground of concrete thinking.


This topic was very informational, I learned that with an adult learner their working memory can sometimes be overloaded with outside stressors or activities. I learned that as instructor we need to find a way to make a learning path for these students to help they learn and retain the information we are giving to them in order for them to be sucessful. 


Wow! I rea;ly enjoyed this module on the brain, it was a good review of the brain and memory. As facilitators of learning, we must understand how the brain works and stores information as to develop academic-related activities that create episodic and semantic memories for future use in the field. 

I will go back and refer to this lesson periodically. Thank you!

I now understand the brain maturity level of some of my younger students and can better cater to their learning style.  


This module provided valuable information on understanding how the adult brain functions and special considerations to make for adult learners.  It is true that adult learners have so many responsibilities and not a lot of available "head space" or time to learn new concepts unless the concepts are seen as valuable or relevant to their lives.  It is important to demonstrate the value and application to the students throughout the course and be prepared to teach and demonstrate effective learning strategies.

This was a nice review of some things I learned in college and helped me see it from a different perspective.


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