Donna Newsome

Donna Newsome

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Instructors should create lessons that include as many student differences as possible.  Everyone has a preferred learning style.

We must welcome children of all cultures and races, and understand that some students are multilingual.  This makes our classrooms more interesting and diverse.

We, as instructors must realize that we will be teaching students that are of various races and cultures.  We must embrace multiculturalism by getting to know the students and not generalizing students.

We must treat each student as an individual, not stereotyping students, but accepting their individualities.

Students should be able to able to conduct research on a computer, by locating and extracting information; be able to set up files and folders and present information in a logical, organized manner.

Writing skills should be taught if a student is a technical student.  Students must know how to learn, know how to research, be problem-solvers, know how to self-assess, and know one's weaknesses.

Nonverbal communication is so important.  Group work is also strongly encouraged so students will learn teamwork.

Many students are skeptical about writing because they don't understand what to write and may be scared of criticism from others.  Technical students sometimes don't feel writing is important, but it is.

Good critical thinking skills are important when students are attempting to solve problems.  Creativity can also be fostered by instructors.

Instructors cannot overreact because it will make matters worse.  Instructors should note how students react to the instructors' actions.  Focus more on "I" instead of "you."

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