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Diversity in careers and education is what made Dr. Beverly Givens successful in engaging the community to partner with public education and gain positive academic outcomes. Having served for over 20 years in the Clark County School District’s (CCSD) School-Community Partnership Office, Dr. Givens has learned from experience and research how to think creatively and use innovation to build successful, school-community relationships that are aligned to Nevada Academic Content Standards and directly tied to student achievement, staff retention, and parent engagement.

Dr. Givens began her formal career in 1990 as an Industrial Hygienist for the Nevada Test Site. Using her bachelor’s degree in biology, Dr. Givens provided safety protocol and procedures for underground, nuclear testing. She then continued to serve as a Sr. Technical Writer/Editor until 1997, when she completed her Masters of Arts in Organizational Management to further her career. While teaching general biology, part-time at the community college, Dr. Givens observed that students were disinterested in the sciences and did not connect the discipline to real-world applications. With determination to change that outlook, Dr. Givens began her new career with CCSD as the Math, Science, and Technology Program Manager. In this capacity, Dr. Givens was able to recruit and retain 50 businesses and nonprofit organizations to partner with schools to connect students’ academic learning with practical experiences in just two years. She also developed a school-community partnership kit and principal training, where school administrators could conduct needs assessments and community resources map to identify where business partners could effectively assist in fulfilling gaps in school budgets and reduce barriers to academic achievement.  In 2006, Dr. Givens was promoted to Assistant Director where she continued to build successful relationships with the community to provide mentors, tutors, in-kind and financial donations and resources to Title I schools. Her work ethic and drive yielded over $5 million dollars of community resources to 226 schools each year. For the past 7 years, Dr. Givens has served as the Director of the department and continues to lead a team that brings in over $70 million dollars of community resources to 360 schools. She serves on several community boards and committees to continue to stay connected to available resources for students.


Dr. Givens is a native Las Vegas resident where she lives close to her 24-year old daughter and immediate family. She is active in her local church and enjoys hiking, reading and traveling to new places.

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