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Although I have never been involved in planning a new program I knew it is important that your potential students need to be able to find work. I found this course to be interesting. There is a lot that goes into the decision of whether or not to add to your program or begin a new one. 


I have always been interested in how to develop as a leader. I know the academics piece well but learning about operations has really been an interesting journey. I found this course on finance to be extremely interesting and helpful. 

This was an interesting module. You really have to dive deep to figure out what you want your legacy to be. I love the process of reflection as it helps me to become a better leader. I was able to establish some new priorities and come up with a statement. I am certain it will change over time. 

I also found the information on program completion valuable. I knew that there are disparities but the impact is profound. I have a new mission to help be part of the solution in doing better with students that come from modest situations!… >>>

This was a great module. It really helped to break down how leaders impact and influence and how all three components of the framework work together and infuence each other. I definitely want my impact to be supportive and I try to reflect daily where I have helped my staff to succeed and have I been positive in my interactions. It is a lot of responsibility when your decisions, actions and behaviors affect those around you. 


I found the videos about the two principals very compelling. My main leadership style is coaching and I loved the value and respect both principals showed for both students and faculty. As a leader we must give our staff time and space to make mistakes in order to grow their abilities and confidence. As leaders we also have to make tough decisions, those under our direction must do their job. We have to put the students first. 


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Hi LaToya, 

I try to do a self-assessment about 4 times a year. This helps me to grow, address any biases I may have and also be more aware of my strengths and weaknesses. Thank you for your post!


I will definitely be looking for the positive characteristics in Managers in my people. I will resist the pull to put into a manager role someone who is just a high performer but does not possess the people skills critical to the manager role. I have some great managers under me who are great at influencing and persuading their teams. They have great collaboration skills and are able to mobilize their teams when needed. I think trust plays a big role whether you are a leader or a manager. 

I think it is important to be a transparent and ethical leader. Authentic leadership inspires those you lead. An authentic leader needs to be able to reflect, take responsibility and be aware of both their strengths and weaknesses. They are willing to come alongside and help get the work done, they are both a leader and manager. 

People skills and the ability to influence is key for leaders. Leaders must have the ability to develop a vision, inspire and motivate their team. I more clearly understand why managers promote stability and leaders promote change. A key insight taken from this lession for hiring is that high performers do not always make the best managers. 


I agree with you Anna. It really doesn't matter what business you are in customer satisfaction is important. I am in Education and our biggest advertisment is word of mouth. Most of our new students are family and friends of our current students. Our organization is very student centric and customer satisfaction is key! Thank you for your post. 

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