Natalia Robles

Natalia Robles

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Follow-up means continuity and interest in the potential new student.
Turn a difficulty into a positive objective to attract a new student.

The information process in additions must evolve with the needs of current students.

Learning to know ourselves is essential for the development of our skills.

What we are is what we reflect.

How we feel and the way we reflect it directly affects others, whether positively or negatively. It is important to focus on building a personal relationship with ourselves, to positively influence our work and society.

Having a positive attitude towards our work and personal actions allows us to advance and evolve correctly.
Likewise, it allows us to influence others in a purposeful and effective way.

Marketing has to be in compliance, for the information to be accurate.

Compliance is fundamental for a success admissions process.

It is very important to understand regulations and the policies that the Institution has

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