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Simone, how does a student connect with the student services office? Do they have to be referred or can they just walk in?

We offer tutoring ever weekend at no charge to students. We often see students coming just to socialize and see what is going on.
Stress unquestionably affects retention and the same goes towards employee retention.

Who provides the weekend tutoring, Allan? I think it's interesting that the students would come in to see what's going on? Seems to suggest a good bond with the school.

We hold career events and hands on labs at no additional cost to the students. this is a way to make sure that they have the resume building skills they need to apply for that great job after they complete their courses. With the hands on they have extra time with an instructor to ask all the questions they did not ask in class or understand when it was explained.

If a student misses a class, and we have not heard from them, we quickly contact them to determine if there is a problem.

Student have a commitment for 21 days where if he/she decides to drop from the program they don't have any financial obligation from the school. If students pass the 21 days and decide to drop, student will have financial obligation to date.

our students have a no commitment enrollment

Erin, are the career events mandatory? Have you had any problem getting employers to participate?

Christine, who's responsible for making this contact? Has this practice improved attendance rates or communication about absences?

Tess , how often do students drop during the 21 day period? What are the primary reasons for the drop? What kind of internal review is there to see what could be done to avoid these disconnects?

Students are given a commitment for 21 days where students can decide if they continue or not. If they choose not to continue within 21 days, student can drop with no financial obligation.

Both the administration and the faculty do a great deal of follow-up with the students. Students who miss a class receive calls, not to nag them about attendance, but to check up on them to make sure things are OK. Most of the teachers here develop one-to-one relationships with each of their students, getting to know them personally. Many faculty members have "professional" facebook IDs, so they can take advantage of the social media to interact with their students.

As a nurse, I am very familiar with Selye's GAS, and I am so glad you introduced it to "other" types of educators. Good call! It also let's us know how we respond to stressors in our own lives and that it's "normal" to feel the way we feel when stressed to the max!

weekly orienation classes for all new students to help them prepare

We have our first term students actually write a letter of commitment that explains why they came to school and what they want in the future for themselves and their family. Whenever a student is struggling or thinking of withdrawing, we print out the letter and ask them to read it. It is a VERY effective tool for retention.

Our faculty call students when they miss the first day and follow up with them. We have advisor who reach out to students who are on a leave of absence to make the prcess smooth for when they return. We have student success programs offered to students in the area of school, work, and home life. All of our campuses have dedicated tutoring labs on site and some have virtual tutoring as well. We try to make a student's experience here meaningful.

How long has your institution been doing this, Rebecca? What percentage of your starts drop during this 21 day period and what are the reasons for their withdrawal?

How do weekly orientation classes for all new students help them prepare, William? What makes them effective?

Karitsa, do you think your students realize that many of these services are not routinely available at many traditional colleges? Do they appreciate the effort that your institution expends on their behalf?

I believe the students realize this and I think it helps them make the decison to what to pursue a degree program with us. They appreciate what we do for them and it lets them know that we care and are paying attention to them.

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