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How does that impact you, Michael? How do these services help you in your work?

Our Student Services department offers clubs and "fun" activities for the students in addition to providing information about ways to help them cope with stress. This includes information about housing, discounts, health insurance for students, in person and online tutoring, gym memberships, etc.. In fact one of those most popular requests we get is information about the gym which is a great source of stress relief!

At our campus we have many resources for the students to access such as academic coaching at our Student Success Center, a community resource binder and workshops for various subjects like how to site APA style and how to write a paper. We have other programs that educate our students about finances and how to budget, we do many events surrounding these topics in order to help the students achieve their dreams. We all want them to succeed, we all want them to know there is help, and we all want to do everything we can to see that student through our programs and go out into the respective fields to raise the standards of practicing.

We've established a student advisor program that teams new stduents with faculty mentors to offer support and direction during their transition back to school.

School commitment is important for our school. The Education Director is involved with matters with the PD's to aline the instructors with the troubled student(s). I truly believe our institution is all for school commitment to help the students get a professional job.

Our college offers tutoring for both acedemics and lab.

Vicki, how many students are assigned to each mentor? Do the students have the same mentor throughout their entire enrollment? Are the mentors evaluated for the work they do? If so, how?

Kerry , sounds like a very thorough, well thought out program. Is it getting good results? How often are the offerings reviewed?

Lisa, how often do students take advantage of tutoring? Does tutoring improve results?

At my particular institution we monitor student grades and attendance. If a student is seen to be "burning out" we have the student meet with a faculty member for an intervention of sorts. In this intervention we communicate with the student and ask them to try to identify the source of their recent results i.e. stress, home life, finances etc. We then encourage the student and offer support provided by the school or suggestions for dealing with their particular stressors. If the student is simply having difficulty with the subject material we offer extended after hours individual tutoring. A common theme I have found to be helpful is to have the student write down as many things as they can about what they have learned i.e. names of instruments or anatomy, classifications etc. I try to have the students focus on where they are now compared to where they were at the start of the program and where they are headed in their career.

My institution has a five year job placement program and acts as a liaison between potential employers and past/future graduates. Students are also provided financial advisors as well as various other student services advocates.

Well from the start we know everyone has alot of things going on outside of school. We make a commitment to help students any way can. We have a library and computer lab with office staff to help them with anything they may need.

No poor service is allowed! All students are treated with their concerns, needs and questions first always.

We offer free tutoring classes, one on one with instrutors and once a month we hold game day, it just to help out students with thier studies and make it more fun for them. We love talking with the students so we strive to help them, make it fun all at the same time.

Our Institute has mentoring available for the students by their peers

We have i place a students Services office that assists students in anything that they may need, unless it is something that we can not help them with we notify them of professional people they could talk to. We offer studying classes for after hours for any students that would like extra help on their assignments.

Shawn, how often do graduates take advantage of this service after their initial placement? Are any of them disgruntled graduates that may be a problem for current students?

How does the institution monitor the "no poor service" policy, Karen?

What's game day, Belinda? Is this within each class or something done in a large group?

Do the students view this as a meaningful commitment, Christinia?

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