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Tutoring is a major school commitment that my instution believes is one of the most formidable ways of improving retention. We have peer tutors who are fellow students who are successfully doing well in the classes and in some instances they are more approachable to other struggling studens more so than the instructors. We also have instructors who volunteer additional time before and after their classes or during weekends to ensure students in academic need are getting the additional help needed to understand and comprehend the material so that not only are they able to pass the class but it is indelibly instilled in their hearts and minds so that they are able to practice these fundamentals in their lives, work, or other areas that prove beneficial to them.

Our College demonstrates school commitment by offering tutoring and career services assistance while in school and after graduation. In addition to the Career Services staff we have direct assistance with academic questions and life challenges with our student services staff. The student services staff works as a type liaison between the student and other departments at the campus as needed. We have recently added to all of our courses resume submissions based on the skills the student is learning in the course. This helps the student realize the importance of the skills offered in each course.

we do one on ones with students and there needs to make sure they are comfortable with that they have learned or are learning hands on. Make them feel like they can depend on are help whenever is needed.

Our institution is organized around a guiding principle that all employees have ownership in the success or failure of each individual student. Together, we are elated when a student shows progress in their coursework and troubled when they do not because we understand that our students are a reflection of us as an institution. It is in this spirit that the Student Services Department has a practice of being available to students by phone or e-mail twenty-four hours a day throughout the year to provide assistance.

My school has a manned Learning Center where students can go for help Monday through saturday for day time students and from 6pm to 9pm for evening students. Faculty is always available to help struggling students.

Planning meetings with students to discuss their future plans and goals is very effective and encourages better grades and attendance. We also like to pair their goals with specific school sponsored events that will encourage their pursuit of these goals. Following up with students about their progress towards their individual goals is key to helping them feel that the staff is committed to their success.

Sounds like a good collaboration between Career Services staff and instructors, Jan. Functional resumes are very powerful and as you noted, help focus the students. How did that come about?

Mark, what percentage of students are referred for tutoring; what percentage actually make use of the services?

Sounds like a great student centered culture, Kathy. How does the institution sustain this positive approach?

Dr. Jeff, who staffs the Learning Center and how frequently do students use it?

Linking actions with goals can be very powerful. Is this a direct result of the planning meetings? How often do you meet with students?

We have also had a great deal of success with mentoring programs where students with different skill levels assist struggling students who may feel slightly embarrassed to admit this to their faculty.

Our school goes out of the way to offer tutoring for any student who needs it regardless of program. Most, if not all, instructors and administrators have an open-door policy for handling student issues/concerns/successes.

Making a commitment involves dedicating yourself to something, like a person ... Staying after school for a study group shows your commitment to good grades.

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