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One lesson I give is to explain to my students the benefits and dangers of social media. I have all students put their full name into the google search bar and see what pops up. More often than not an undesirable picture from one of their social media sites pops up. I use this to teach professionalism and how to be careful of social media technology.
I can really relate to worrying about the "what ifs". I teach four hour long classes and starting out my biggest fear was, "what if I run out of material at the third hour?" I always tried to plan an extra hour's worth of material. However, now Im finding that I dont have enough time to get everything I have planned accomplished. Im starting to relax a little more and realize that it is "ok" to have a ten or twenty minute discussion that I did not include in my lesson plan.
This is a tactic that the director of my department has already suggested. After struggling with the idea of waking up another half hour early, I am going to start applying this strategy. I have been noticing that it takes me some time to get the class "up and running". Maybe if I was there early I could better set the stage and we could hit the ground running when the class starts.

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