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It was very interesting in reading about the employers perspective of ROI.

I also found it interesting reviewing ROI.  

Great to hear discussions currently had with employers concerning their ROI is beneficial along with other topics for long term partnership.


Thanks for the aditional information! Maintaining and building employer relationships is one of the most important aspects of this posistion asd iss intrigal to the success of any industry outreach initiative!


I thought that the fact that grants and technology were influential was very interesting.

My takeaway for this module was the importance of getting your institution's President involved in making a connection with industry partners/employers. It allows the President and the industry partner/employer to establish/build a relationship that enables the employer to feel valued and heard. Going back to the previous module, scheduling a meeting with the President and industry partner at the employer's site is key, and allows for the President to learn more about the employer and their needs.