Scott Sherman

Scott Sherman

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There is so much to learn on ROIs. It is imperative that the school based teacher learn about the business so that the business's ROI is satisfactory. 


I think the most important thing to do when building relationships with businesses and people is to learn about them. Find out what makes them successful and tailor your message to them. 


Perhaps the most daunting aspect of this section was the calling section. It almost seems like you are a telemarketer. I guess, in some respects, you are. If possible, I'd think a meeting would be more beneficial than a call. 


I am very new to this school to work world and am finding out a ton of informaiton about being prepared for what employers expect is daunting. My facility doesn't have those amenities so we are going to have to retool the standards a bit. I'm sure we can attract employers without all of the bells and whistles. 

I learned a lot about this topic in this module. I am fairly new to this world so it is a lot to digest. I also liked the part that stressed having the right attitude. 

I liked this section the most because it validates the relational capacity needed to connect with students. It was presented in a very understandable manner. 


I think the quote from Daniel Pink stood out to me the most. Drive comes from something internal not external. We want to control our path and connect to each other. That's the critical piece that motivates us. 


I learned about the SNIP model which stands for specific, neutral, immediate, and practical for feedback. I think it reflects a strong conversation aimed at providing positive growth. 


Listening is critical in forming meaningful bonds with the student. I can work on my UPR and demonstrate to the student that I am caring without being judgemental. I suspect this will go a long ways in achieving trust. 


If we are to look at interviews as opportunities to sell ourselves, we need to make sure we continue the process with post interview correspondence. 


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