Hailey Torres

Hailey Torres

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I hadn't heard of the MAPP method before and think it is a great idea for case notes!

This module for me really just put the proper emphasis on making sure records are kept organized and reviewed for any errors. I feel like at times it can be easy to feel like the process is mundane or not as important as other parts of the job, but when re-examined...employment verification definitely demands a high prioritization. 

I appreciated the table comparing the different methods of verification, and I see how in my current role each play out. For example, we use surveys and 3rd party verifications. The 3rd party work is always expensive but comes back very accurate. Surveys have been found to vary in acuracy among graduates vs employers. 

I didn't realize the significance of reporting the details behind where a graduate goes after college. I got a heightened sense of the need for accurate reporting. 

Coaching skills are necessary even if difficult. 

I have learned that how I say things can be just as important as what I am saying. Also learning that I need to incorporate flexibility and a heart to seek solutions when in conflict with another party. 

I have learned that negotiation means give and take and that I cannot be so rigid in achieving what I want. I didn't know of terms such as BATNA and ZOPA before this course, and will use my understanding to best prepare for any future negotiations!

I really appreciated all of the 2-3 minute videos detailing specifics of time management. My biggest takeaway was the video where 3 keys were discussed when you realize you are putting off a task.

There were so many good checklists and tips/tricks that I have saved to use in future written pieces (emails, reports, etc.). One takeaway that stood out to me personally was not dwelling on editing during your first draft. 

My biggest takeaway wasn't actually a new action item for me but rather a good reminder. I need to take a moment when I feel the stress building and reflect on my feelings so that I do not explode.

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