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Avoid the 'Available Upon Request' section on a resume.  


I did not realize how detailed of a introduction letter you can have.

I think it is really hard to think about all of the skills that you have, especially if they are in their own section. I think it is important to think about the skills by job and then  put them all together at the end. 


During this module I learned a students resume must be organized and very detailed. It should also be consistent with the formatting. 


I think the tips on references are very important. It means quite a bit to have the correct people listed. Students need to understand that those references are important.


My main take away from this section was that consistency and doing your proper research or reflection is important for resume and cover letter writing. 

I learned that researching the company first and making the cover letter specific to both the company and the job posting is important.  Each job that someone applies to should have a specific cover letter.  Since this is the first impression the employer has, proofreading and grammar are extremely important as is using fonts that are easy to read.


I like how this section breaks down the parts of both the resume and the cover letter and provides questions or examples to help us guide our students.   Especially the section regarding Resume duties to skills conversion for the food server example. This section was a great reminder/refresher and I’m excited to use these resources with my students this coming fall.

Great information. One can never know it all and it is good to have others chat about best practices. 


I am impresses with the amount of resourses listed. thank you 


I apprecited how the author presented the parts of a cover letter.  

Good information!

A well thought out resume is very important 

I think I got the most from the sections on cover letters and using references. I appreciated learning about some small details like making sure a candidates resume is in a pdf format when attaching in an email. Also, having a formatted list of references ready isn't something I had considered previously.

I also liked the advice to have students imagine themselves as the employer and consider if they would respond to their resume.

I learned the importance of a cover letter and that "References available upon request" is a thing of the past.

I like the idea of using the job posting and also information about the company to help write a really strong cover letter.  Also, I appreciate asking students to really consider who they would list as references and to consider what those people may say about you as a candidate.

Prioritizing references. Who and why?

That putting "References Available Upon Request" is no longer done and having a list already prepared to give when asked is necessary.

A resume and cover letter are essential because they provide the hiring manager with further details on how your skill set aligns with the role, what you can bring to the team, and why you want the position. Cover letters also allow the recruiter and hiring manager to develop a better understanding of your suitability for a job.

I've learned the importance of personalizing the cover letter for each job application. Generic cover letters that lack specific details about the company and the position are less likely to grab the attention of hiring managers. By tailoring the letter to the company's needs and highlighting how my skills align with the job requirements, I increase my chances of standing out.

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