Susanne Hirko

Susanne Hirko

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I was not familiar with the "Five Keys to Success." Excellent guidelines to relate to our students.

It is important to conduct mock interviews. I conduct them with our students. This module gave me even more scenarios to consider.

I learned the importance of a cover letter and that "References available upon request" is a thing of the past.

The importance researching prospective employers and successfully preparing for interviews.

It never crossed my mind to google oneself but, it makes perfect sense.

Keeping track of job leads is what we urge our students to do and also print out different job offers made by different companies, to allow the student to compare and make an educated decision, which company they want to work for.

Exit interviews gives us a change to meet with a graduate asking if they found a place of employment and obtain the company information or, if they need further help finding employment.

We thrive to get graduates employed within 2 weeks after completing their course.

Staying in touch with previous graduates, enabled us getting referrals of friends and family members, as well as employment opportunities with their employer.

We invite employers to come to our school to talk to our students in person or, via ZOOM meetings.

We have at least one company representative/recruiter per week come to our school.

They inform students what their company is about, the type of pay-scale they can expect and what a day on the job will entail, etc.

Students have an opportunity to ask their questions and get an insight what different companies have to offer. It's a great way to get an individual introduced to local and national companies and help them with their decision making, where they may be best suited.

Teaching students to effectively write resumes and preparing them for interviews.

Getting an individual to better understand themselves by listing their strength and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, realizing their skills and accomplishments, will not only help with the composition of a resume' but, essentially realize ones criteria and career path.

Keeping track, of accomplishments and skills will also help with developing confidence.

Someone with confidence and training in negotiating, will be more opt to ask about promotions and pay-raises.

Since our certificate course is only over the span of 4 weeks, I will now follow up with each student on a weekly basis, guiding them through the selection of potential future employers. By providing them with key questions for themselves to narrow their criteria and important questions to ask to potential future employers, to enable them to do their due diligence and make an educated decision. A list of key questions directed towards the industry they are being trained for, will give the individual a better sense of a daily routine and requirements, income potential and benefits. This type… >>>

I have learned the importance of a mission statement. Working with students and informing them on an individual basis, their potential and value within an industry, while informing potential employers of recent graduates to fill their void within the workforce. It's an important step to create awareness to what we have to offer as a learning institution to both students and employers.


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