Veronica Bosley

Veronica Bosley

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Attitude can make or break your success and interactions with your colleagues. 

I learned that one must adjust and adapt to their bosses style of management and look at it as a learning experience on your way to success rather than being negative. Take initiative. 

This was an eye opening training. I learned that managing upward can positively affect your working relationship with your boss. It is better to understand how they like to be communicated with and receive information. By taking a step back and realizing they are human as well and fill many roles than you can empathize with them and realize that what they are doing is not a slight or intentionally done to negate what you are doing. It is best to have an open conversation and define expectations. Bring solutions when there is a problem. 

A lot of great information. Regulations are put in place to ensure that accurate information is being shared. Be mindful with how you present information. Make sure to point out the locations that one can find the precise details. 

I have always been told to never garantee a candidate a position or offer same as never garantee a student/prospective student a position after graduation. you want to be forth coming and honest providing all information up front to help the individual make a sound informed decision. 

I did not realize the extent of regulations and rules for higher education insitutes ,especailly the DNC list. It takes everyone to be on the same page and up to date on regulations to ensure that one does not msitakenly break one of the regulations/rules. 

You must believe in the success of the student to help them believe and see it in theirselves sometimes. Stress affects us all in many ways and if we  can identify the root earlier on by being in the right place, right time for a student we can catch those feelings and prevent attrition by providing better support.

I learned that it takes everyone on campus to support students and in turn help retention rates. Students are driven by human nature and often times don't come to staff with the problem proactively, but rather reactively when they are already in crisis mode. It is our responsibilitiy to be observant and present to best help prevent crisis like situations from occurring or being in the right place, right time to overcome the obstacle early on. 

I have learned that you should consider the audience and message for your presentations. Mind over matter will help with confidence and it is okay to be vulnerable and improvise if needed. Also, stories help elevate a presentation tremendously. 

Experiential learning is a great way for nearing graduates to build their confidence in their skills and self. This gives students who have not had the opportunity to work in their fielld of interest prior to enrollment or those that did not have employable skills to practice those skils while under the "student" title. Externship experience will help boost the resume making the student more marketable to employers which in turn then boosts employment rates. 

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