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One item that resonated with me empowering students to brand themselves including using Email signatures to market themselves,.

Networking can help find the 50% jobs that are not advertised. Also, you have to put in the work like researching the company before trying to even make first initial contact with the company.

Networking and keeping track of leads are key factors in a successful job search process.


The key thing is to use your contacts.  Many of the people we know, knows somebody who somebody, almost the 'six degrees' of separation type of thing, in getting a person the opportunity they are looking for.


Can someone elaborate on how to guide students to clean up their digital footprint (if this is possible) prior to applying for employment?


It is important for studebnts to know ALL of the different types of jobs there are withing the fields. It is not just doctors, engineers etc... Helping them discover this before they graduate is imperative.


I really like the ideas of updating your email signuture and getting a business card. I know that is other countries business cards are super important. It seems like your email signuate is basically a business card that you don't have to pay for!


You definitely learn something new everyday. To use the internet and googling yourself is very interesting.

During this module I learned that if students are unsure on a potential career, assessments and deep-thinking is one of the first steps. Students should think deeply on what they are passionate about and also what they value as individuals. 


I think it is important in this day and age for students to know that social media presence is important and can have a negative or a positive impact on there employment search. Its important for students to know that anything released on the internet by them can impact them in a very positive or negative way, whaich will hopefully make them careful of what they allow to happen under their names.

I liked the idea of of having the students break down what they are looking for. It will help them have a more targeted search. 


I learned that there are a multidude of ways to help students find career opportunities. Not just by following up on job boards but by utilizing their inital networks of friends and fellow students. By educating students the proper methods to ask about job opportunites they can further improve thier chances of success. 


There were two things that stood out. First, 50% of jobs are unadvertised. I would never have thought the number to be so high. Secondly, the idea of googling yourself. Those two things will serve me well as I work with students.

I enjoyed reading through this section. I never thought of how the signature of your email is self promotion. This is a great tool for if you are interested in networking and might have the connections via email, but not on your linked in network yet. 

I think going over the basic professionalism of email communication and in-person drop ins is important for students to remember. First impressions go along way and not being prepared before entering a company or sending the email can pose a problem.



I learned that there are many other ways to research and find availab;e jobs besides the "traditional" want ads. Nowadays, people can find jobs on social media. Also, I learned that many jobs are not event posted and that reaching out to potential employeers (by email is preferred) can help lead to a job.  


So far in this module, I have learned that it’s very important for your students to spend time upfront organizing their thoughts,  employment needs and must-haves.  I will use the resources in this module to help guide my students through the process of their employment journey. Another takeaway is to remind students that their social media footprint can be impactful on their employment search. Be aware of how you present yourself in all venues.

It surprised me that 50% of job openings are not posted.  That section was helpful to understand how students can find those hidden opportunities.

I love the idea of roll playing to help the students get comforitable with the activities that they will need to perform during the job searh. I have a guidance lesson called The Game of Life that includes job searching activities. Many of the concepts taught in this lesson will help make the career piece much better.


Branding yourself is important.

Helping with confidence is key 

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