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I've never thought of telling students to create an email signature for themselves for self-promotion but it makes perfect sense!

I think one of the most helpful things for my students will be making a plan. Identifying their own resources, assessing their skills and  familiarize themselves with the processes of the job search.  So much of this seems like common sense to me but I have to recognize that I have years of experience and my students do not.

The importance researching prospective employers and successfully preparing for interviews.

It never crossed my mind to google oneself but, it makes perfect sense.

Keeping track of job leads is what we urge our students to do and also print out different job offers made by different companies, to allow the student to compare and make an educated decision, which company they want to work for.

I think it's a great idea to have the students Google themselves to see what is out there and what potential employers may see.  Also good to have them consider all of their social media accounts and ensure there is nothing on any account that would seem negative to an employer.  Watch for silly email names and usernames as well!  I also like the idea of searching outside of online job postings, as well as keeping everything organized.

Having students "Google" themselves because most employers will be doing the same. I have always done this but didn't really realize it was such a common standard.

Branding your skills, education and strengths is a great way to stand out as a candidate. Keeping an organizational map/chart of potential employers and learning about the kind of businesses a student wants to work in is a great place to have record of communications and progress steps.

I like the idea of "googling yourself" and was shocked at the 50% of available jobs are a hidden job market! 

Finding the right job is essential for your career growth, personal development, and overall well-being. Also, employment teaches students about responsibility and can also reinforce what they are learning in school.

 I realized the significance of researching the company beforehand. This research helped me understand the organization's values, goals, and culture, enabling me to tailor my communication to align with their expectations and demonstrate my knowledge.

Definitely found it super insightful "to google yourself" although we obviously know that certain mediums will be taken a look into when searching for professional work such as LinkedIn etc truth is that employers will also be looking at your full digital footprint to learn more about you. This circles back to the impression you have left will follow your reputation. 

Althought this content is familiar to me it reititerated the importance of taking time to practice each step of the job search process and not allow students to being applying for jobs without first thinking through what they really want and how specifically they can go about seeking that. 

I was able to learn that every student will have different job search needs. You have to be able to meet them where they are and connect them with the resources they need to succeed.

Students looking for a job need to realize they need to put in more effort than they realize.  I think it is a great idea for the students to google themselves to see what they can find about themselves, and see what future employers can see. 

Before contacting an employer, it is important to google them to have an idea of how they are perceived sound a great idea. You want to brand yourself but not to all kind company. 

There are multiple avenues that a student can utilize when looking for a job.

This course reenforced everything that I am currently sharing during Pathway to Placement Seminars.

It was a good refresher on how to target employers then contact them via phone, online and referrals from other sources.

Also a good reminder to me was the importance of telling the students to make sure the job is a good fit as well as identify the benefits available.

i learned that it is essential to market yourself and do proper research before applying or interviewing 

Comment on Mary Nourse's post: I would say to that student: That is great! Why did they hire you? They will say I am strong and experienced with the construction field. Perfect, that is exactly what you will do on a formal interview for your in-field position. You will give them examples of how you are skilled in the field (from work or school). Finding the jobs in your new field may involve more than just showing up depending on the industry. Would you like to know the most common way, students in your program get invited to an interview?

My main 'takeaway' is always ensure to facilitate and teach the importance; and process; of a multi-faceted approach to marketing and promoting self professionally.  

Different ways to help and motivate students to look for employment!

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