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I learned how integral Career Services is to an institution. I hope to partner with the existing team to continue growth in our department, and to nuture the passion of our students and alumni alike. 

Career Services need to be successful is critical to all departments within the institution. Prepping our students for employment opportunites, resume building and instilling individual confidence for job interviews are all ways to have more consistent and positive outcomes which in turn make the school look better to perspective students and employers.

I learned how it is important to create a mission statement for Career Services. Also, it is good to collaborate with employers such as major airlines or "mom & pop" general aviation companies at smaller regional airports, that might be looking for entry level employees. I also learned it's important to offer resume building and writing skills workshops, mock interviews, setting up how an interview office might look, how to search for job opportunities and how to dress for success for an interview. Finally, I learned how important it is to offer career fairs and inviting employers to the school to tell students about their company, the jobs available and what it's like to work there.

i have learned that a mission statement sets the tione for the office.  I have realized just how important it is to make sure the Career Services department is to current students, graduated students, and the institution itself.  i need to make sure the Career Servicdes Office is well located and staffed appropriately.  


Career Services offers a tremendous benefit to our admissions department, our current students, our graduates, our alumni, and our employers. We serve many stakeholders, and offer great value to those we serve. 


I've learned that by organizing the tools, materials, and resources which should be a part of the Career Services department, that the institution can provide valuable assistance to the current students, as well as utilizing this service as a means of recruitement for future students. Even though we are a small institution, we've been in need of an established Career Services department for years. Although we have been offering these services upon request, this training will help identify my weak areas and help to strengthen the entire institution's ability to be more successful by making this a priority and acknowleding the existence of an actual department!

I have learned that there are many things that need to be considered when setting up a Career Service Department (CSD).  All stakeholders (CSD staff, teachers, students, alumni, representatives from business and industry) must work together to create a mission, purpose, and goals of the CSD.  Stakeholders should determine what services will be offered.  Services must be updated and promoted to ensure the CSD benefits students, alumni, and employeers. The information obtained in this portion of the class will be used to begin discussion of developeing a CSD at the high school level.

A mission statement is paramount for setting up or revampimg the CSD; the devil is in the details as well and we have to consider hours of operation, office space, library, servicess offered etc. It is also relevant to get students involved in membership associtaion they will make them feel like professional and can impact retention in a possitive way. Overall the whole institution from students to admissions departments benefit from CSD, Its impact goes even beyond the institution to employers who will see the institution as a major source of staffing.

I learned that it isn't just saying you have a career services department and you talk to students about jobs. There is much more that goes into the process, like the Mission Statement to begin with. I never put that much thought into our office at the center. This first unit has really got me thinking how I can improve our Career Services Department.



Having a mission statement for your career services office is important. It is also necessary to build in career services activities throughout the tenure of students so they are adequately prepared to find a job after graduation.  This includes resume writing, interview skills, negotiations, and providing them with job leads and job fairs.  Career services and job placement activities can also be used by admissions to attract new students as long as the institution is following through on what it says it delivers as part of the educational experience.  I also think embedding career services activities into select classes is beneficial and provides dedicated time for career services to work with current students.


I learned how integral a Career Services Department is all around, from brainstormng, mission statements, resources for students that need to be available and how it intertwines with admissions, employers  and being successful and how it helps your department but your organizationa as a whole.


I learned that providing career services resources not help the student with building up their resume, but build up their confidence. I also learned how important Career Services is to our institution.

Having a successful Career Services is comprised of many components. Having the necessary tools for the student and providing outside resources, strenghtens the student's ability to present themselves in a more professional, favorable light.



I learned about the larger impact a successful Career Services department can have on the institution as a whole. Also learned about the impact and benefits of memberships to other organizations. This is something we will do a better job of in the future. 


I learned about the importance of setting up the career services department thoroughly and with intentionality. I also learned how integral the department is to the organization and the need for collaboration and inclusiveness to provide the best services.


I have learned from this module that it is significant to stay up to date with the resources you provide to your student. It is significant to provide and overview of your department (Career Services) because it establishes credibility and visibility to students and graduates. 


I learned how important it is to have a well equiped Career Services team with access to tools to engage with students, graduates and recruiters.  I also learned the importance of joining an association and/or how having a memberships is beneficial.

I learned the importance of setting up a Career Services Center is essential to the university’s success and brand. Creating and implementing a mission statement needs to be done first not during the setup of the department. Setting up and building a strong team is key. Also joining association and or having memberships are important in building the reputation of the department. Keeping student, staff and graduates informed regarding the services that Career Services provide will have a favorable outcome for all. Employers need to see our institution as a source for fulfilling their employment needs. 


I learned that the mission statment is the first and most important element of our department. Joining an association is crucial and all of the departments in Education are connected and it's important to work together.