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Students will feel less intimidated if offices are decorated.  Repitition of information is critical to retention of materials presented.

Involving the student from the very beginning and keeping them involved throughout will help them from not following through.  They will have better knowledge of how their loan works and how to utilize it best.  Also, keep in touch with students throughout there time and make your office approachable and calming to be in.  That will help the student not feel any reservations to come ask for assitance or advise.

This is good reminder that we are most likely in a different stage in life, where we need to put ourselves back in the student's shoes, so that we can better communicate with them and help them successfully.

Always great to let the student know the positive aspects of what they are doing. 

Giving students information over a period of time can help with retention, versus giving a large amount of information at once and overwheming the student. 

Provide information to students incrementally. Ensure tht you have 6 referemces for each student.

The pleasant, positive experience of a decorated office has been a major plus for me. it has opened doors for conversations that are relaxing for the student.  This makes them more willing to spend time going over the all the paperwork necessary.  I will bring up putting FA Posters around the school at our next staff meeting - not just on the FA board.  

I have learned that a good impression from the Financial Aid Office can start off a student with a good positive handle on their student loan obligations. That staying in contact with the student is not only beneficial but necessary to keep them in good standing and avoiding default issues. 


What is the old expression, that first impression matter, that is what I have learned today. They really do matter they just don't matter, but it really counts for students. The enviroment needs to feel good for the student and that's matter most. 


repetition breeds retention


It is important that the student understand from the beginning eerything that involves applying for financial aid and student loans. and making them part of the process is important because in the end who can be affect is the students.

I naturally wanted to decorate my office when I started at my current role. Now I understand what an impression it makes to have a well organized office. I will encourage my team to implement small touches, like a desk plant or a nice poster. 


First impression lasts. Having a nice, neat and conducive office eventually leads to a more settling and acceptable environment for both students and staff. Reminding students of their obligation in repaying their student loan is very important to prevent high default rate. Repetition of information leads to retention and Ownership is directly tied to responsibility.

The repetitive visual of posters and pamphlets in offices and classrooms other than Financial Aid office lets the student know the institution is consistent with their standards. Let the Financial Aid process be educating for the student and less intimidating


Repetition is key to inform and remind students of their financial obligations and ensures you better prepare them to fulfill said obligations. 

I like the recommendation to have loan repayment and financial postings in the class rooms and around the school. I keeps the financial obligations on the mind of the student which will encourage retention and loan repayment.