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Aside from compliance, verification, auditing, and meeting deadlines I've learned the importance of providing excellent customer service. Never say "I dont Know" instead say "Let me see what else we can do". 

I am aware that it is the responsibility of the entire academic administration to ensure that excellent customer service is apparent during all student interactions.

It is important to protect the student personal information and school officials should be aware who the students allows to provide their information too. 

Having policies and procedures in place is a good way to be in compliance when an audit takes place and it helps if administrators come and go.  Compliance audit and the institution's financial audit has to be submitted to the U.S. Department of Education within six months of the end of the school's fiscal year. 

It is very important to monitor the students progress because it affects their financial aid eligibility. FA has a big role, but educating the other departments is important to monitor the students. 

Compliance is a group effort and it is a good idea to have meetings so that everyone is aware of the policies and procedures. 

Comment on Katheryn Bugarin's post: This is a great way to put it! Everyone has to do their part to be in compliance. 

I like the inclusive part, making sure students feel comfortable when speaking about financial aid questions. Classroom decorated with info for repayment and pictures let them know repayment is very important.

Involving the student on their FA.  Repetition of information is critical to retention of materials presented.

The information in this Module is very important and makes sense. The Incentive Ban is an excellent idea for schools because I do remember in the past how some schools were just enrolling students and did not care for the quality of students they were bringing in. This affected so many departments such as educations and career services. 

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