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Work good with your whole team.

Learning to working with everyone as team.


Can anyone call the school inquiring about a student where about?

Student account and financial aid has to work together. Student account has 14 days to disbursed the funds. If a student does attend. the financial aid has 30 days to return the funds. No later than 45 days.

Remedial courses are not cover by FSA.

I learned how to interact with admission. Staying in compliance with the high school diploma and don't change any information or misrepresention the school with false information. Admission or financial aid are not allow to receive bonuses base on a student enrolling in the program. Pretty much just stay in compliance.

It is important to provide the student with all the options they have to repay their loans. Empowering with all the knowledge is key for them to be able to pay back their loans in the best way that will work for them. 

Entrance counseling is a great way to educate the students on financial aid. There are great tips here on how not to overwhelm the students by making the meetings as short as 5 to 10 minutes. It is so important to cover the rights and responsibilities and they should be repeated throughout the education process. It is still a good ides to provide the information in writing. 

Building great relationships is always the key in not having students disappear in the future. It makes so much sense to collect he references at the beginning and six references sound like a lot, but it can be done. I like the idea of sending students home with the reference request list and then can bring it back. The idea of sending good credit letters would make student feel proud and will encourage them to pay in time so they take care of their credit now and in the future. 

Having a nice decorated and clean FA office does sound like a great idea for the student to fill comfortable about talking to someone that will care for them and educate them about their loans. Having posters around the school is an excellent idea to remind students about their responsibility. Getting students involved in each step is smart. 

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