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Financial Aid

Work good with your whole team.

Financial Aid Performance

Learning to working with everyone as team.

Student Account and Financial Aid

Student account and financial aid has to work together. Student account has 14 days to disbursed the funds. If a student does attend. the financial aid has 30 days to return the funds. No later than 45 days.

Professional Judgements

I try and relate to the student's current living sistuation and see if there is room for some type of Professional Judgement.

Graduation Exit Appointments

It was nice to read some of the ideas in the peer section.  It has been a problem when students go MIA but we are always looking for ideas to help us improve. Thanks in advance  for sharing your thoughts and ideas.

Best practices

In to have an efficient auditing process every year I believe it is neccesary to perform audits in regular basis.

Financial knowledge

This unit helped me with knowledge of how important it is for Education to get involved with the Financial poeple.


"The success of the teacher is in the self-sufficiency of the student." 

Great Resource of Information

This training was a great resource of information and will be aplied to my daily tasks.

Always useful

As a financial Aid coordinator at a small College, this information is very useful, because I get to have the opportunity to interact with students on a individual manner. Especially for the graduating students, I get to emphasize the importance of Repaying their Student Loans.

Financial Aid 110

As a practitioner on the Continuing Education side of the house, I won't be using this information in my practice, however, as a member of my community college it is good information to have.

We have a Financial Aid Office that operates like a well running machine.  In learning about the processes to run an efficient office, I have a whole new respect for our staff.  

This course provided me with a good "first 48," in order to understand the fundamentals and the time-line driven tasks of Financial Aid.

Best Practices

There were several valuable tips FA 120. In particular, the idea of providing a packet for financial aid was is a great strategy.  I appreciated the emphasis on taking advantage of the references provided by students to be more likely to be receptive when trying to locate the student down the road. 

Admissions working together with the Financial Aid Office

At Ana G Mendez University System admissions work together with the Financial Aid Office. Questions regarding catalogs, career curriculum, enrollment, class schedule, and financial aids are mostly answered by admissions and if our students and their families want to receive any detailed answer about their financial aids, the financial aid representative is always there to answer them.   

Turning Ideas Into Action

  • Welcome kits with information re: FA, forms, and repayment,
  • Reference check and celebratory announcements, and
  • Offering concise information, and repetitive contact, for maximum success.

There were several valuable tips gleamed from FA 120. In particular, it was beneficial to read about the importance of not relying on the convenience of technology to adequately relay information. The idea of providing a packet (or binder) with all applicable financial aid and academic forms as a componant of a new student's welcome is very useful. Tangible items make accountabilty more likely for many students. Also, I really appreciated the emphasis on taking advantage… >>>

Default course

Informative Session

My best friend

I always have the IFAP Handbook near me in case I need to reference something specific or unusual during Verification.

Course FA210

This was a useful and informative course for ensuring compliance with the requirements for Verification, C-Codes, and PJ. It helped confirm our compliance with all the regulations and give confidence in applying the policies and procedures in place.

More Handouts!

I'm definitely going to start creating some clear and informative handouts to give to students throughout their educational training. At the entrance interview, I'd like to give them a brief pamphlet/brochure outlining thier rights as borrowers and basic loan information. During their entrance counseling and exit counseling, I'd like to give them handouts with repayment options clearly defined and listed so that they can visually see their options. I'll also include information about deferment, forbearance, loan merging, loan consolidation and the ways to avoid delinquency and default. 

Great course with a lot of good information. Thank you! 

~ New Financial… >>>


Over all it was a very well workshop. I am now able to understand that all departments need to collaborate to be in compliance


FA210 was helpful in learning more about the PJ process.  As a newer Financial Services Officer, I have not seen any PJ's yet.  This course was a great overview of the process.