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Understanding Your Institution | Origin: CM201

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Admissions Compliance for Postsecondary Schools in Florida --> Understanding Your Institution

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I have learned the importance of class participation for the successful explanation of each program. Understand the strategic marketing of the institution to understand which is the one that gives the greatest strength to it.

Find out from the institution all advertising methods they are using.

Refresher on Advertising oportunities and how and what is integrated at my institution to build student attendance.

Through this module I have learnt how an institution can organize the student serice ad marketing department and in which ways these departments are connected with the admissions department. I have improved my knowledge about my specific job, taks and respnsibilities and the way a university can structure all the services dedicated to the students, from student service and orientation to admissions and placement    

I learned in this module the types of marketing companies can offer and what the regulations regarding this are. I also learned how important it is to keep yourself familiarized with this particular part of your job and what your demographic usually is. 

It is vital to connect with other departments at your institution, specifically student services and marketing, to ask questions, collaborate, and learn from each other.

Understanding of your marketing strategies can help you understand where your students learned about your school and how much information they know. 

Marketing can have any type of strategy so long as it adheres to Fair Consumer Practices.


How helpful Student Services can be, how marketing cannot be passive and must abide by the Fair Consumer Practices

I have learned how important marketing in an insitutution is, however, ther are regulations they also have to abide by.

The importance of marketing and of getting familiar with every element of the institution.


I have learned that collecting resource material such as the catalog, marketing materials, orientation information, housing options, etc is useful. Speaking with instructors and sitting in on classes is also beneficial during the admissions process. I enjoyed and gained a lot from this section. 


I learned how important is to introduce the student service in any admission process.

I've learned the importance of networking in a regular basis with other staff that can provide valuable information regarding detailes of the programs and services that are provided. It's also important to educate applicants about the career or program they are applying for. 

always important to talk to staff and faculty to understand all programs, its beneficial to sit in class to get better prospective of the programs 

The module leads us to reflect on knowing the organization chart, service offices and their functions. In turn, recognize what are the marketing efforts that are being executed, to be aligned with sales strategies.

This module helps me understand the importance of networking with the Education, Placement and Student Services departments to gain full knowledge of programs and opportunities offered. It also reiterated the importance of having knowledge of the institution’s marketing plan.

I learned that all advertizing methods institutions can use to attract prospective students


This section reviewed going over the correct explanation of each program and methods to advrtise what the school hads to offer students. 

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