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Information Technology Application | Origin: EC115

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Integrating Career Readiness into Your Courses: Part I -->Information Technology Application

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

In the business world innovation and teamwork is what moves the company forward. Teaching students these skills helps them become hirable. 

Technology within the classroom setting can take many forms, and it should be used in conjuction with the hard-skill curriculum.  The Instructor must also be familiar with the technology (software and hardware) in order to give the student solid instruction.

Teachers need to keep up to date with technology (hardware and software) in order to help students succeed.

Increasing students ability to use various forms of technology will make them more hireable in the work force. 


IT skills will jumpstart a new business and be cost effective if the student can market themselves with information technology skillset.Learning how to navigate through software to be able to put together their ow advertisement and keep track of the business paperwork.


IT Skills are required in business today. Both Hard Skills: Automotive Tehcnology, Cloud Computing, computer programming Data Base Managment, Hardware, Manufacturing Technologies, Scientific Computing, Social Media for Business use and Marketing, Software Word processing, Spreadsheets, Technical Writing, and Video Production integrated with Soft Skills: Adaptablility, Collaboration, Creativity, Emotional Intellegence, Persuasion, and Time Managment when combined produce a Hybrid Employee that Business are looking for and in High demand. Students need to be aware of the possibilities with each skill they develop and improve.

Infromation Technology is a way to maximize and improve productivity.  With the Internet of Things (IoT) more and more invovations are becoming comon in both work and classroom experiences.  By understanding and knowing how to use information technology, everyone is better prepared to accomplish their task.

As a Medical Assistant instructor I can certainly understand the need for IT.  Within the Health Care field, having patients information created, shared and saved using technology is the best thing since "sliced bread".  The accuracy and timely manner in which we can now treat patient is awesome.  Student using a e-health simulation that is so realistic, that transioning into the work field will be less intimidating.  

Technology  adds a visual aspect of learning through videos, tht helps give students additional persepctives.


Technology can help businesses be more successful.

Tech and innovation are always in the drivers seat to some capacity, the more we offer the better prepared the kids will be.

Technology and innovation is the times we are in today, and we as instructors should always iincorperate this form of learning  in all classrooms.


instant accessibility to knowledge

I like that its says you need to use technology when it builds not just because it is there. Teaching students industry specific technology is very important.


Being comfortable using technology and understanding that technology is an ever-growing, rapidly changing field are important in today's workforce. As a teacher, it is valuable to incorporate technology in our own delivery of materials and instruction and in the submission of work from students. However, if we want students to use technology on their own, we need to make sure we are clearly explaining how each program works. We cannot assume knowledge from our students.


IT is my nemesis.

Too often in early childhood education, we assume technology is "bad" because we default to the child as the user/consumer and fail to consider the tech skills of the educator.  In our community college program, our discipline-specific standards for accreditation now include stringent incorporation of technology skills for our learners.  Many "millennials" come knowledgeable about Tic-Tok and Facebook but cannot open and save a document on a desktop computer.  I'm learning that "keyboarding" and "computer classes" are no longer included in many of our state's high school programs; students access materials for class via iPads and their personal phones.  Given that the majority of business--including education--still use traditional desktop units, this lack of instruction in secondary and postsecondary curricula needs to be revised!

Understanding that tech/IT are very useful things when applied to the right causes for business and how having a good grasp from a student aspect. 

From this application, I learned it's important to add technology into the course demonstration. Doing so, increases interactive learning and communication between instructors and studies. 

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