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Building Rapport through Communication | Origin: LS105R

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Your Leadership Toolkit --> Building Rapport through Communication

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As a leader, I must be self-aware and be open to listen. 

This whole course helps me to recognize im battling archaic attitudes from the people above me while trying to build a good team. I have spent many hours worrying whether i am doing right by my staff or i am so far out of the loop on how to best manage and lead my team. I have never taken any courses on leadership or management in these terms. I have been doing what i have always felt was best and more importantly how i would want to be interacted with when making decisions. Ive had a lot of good response from my team. Not so much from upper management. 

The amount of words our brains can process per minute!

Self regulation takes committment, self reflection and practice, and all is coming. 

Self regulation takes committment, self reflection and practice, and all is coming. 

matching words to their learning is a good and effective choice. Listen with empathy with no ulterier motive.

My biggest takeaway from this section is TRANSPARENCY IS KEY!!!!! Being transparent with fears, confusions, hopes, expectations is the pathway of least resistance in effective communication and leadership. 

I feel that being a leader you must have self-awarness, but in the mean time also have to have transparency, and be able to handle any given obstacle at any minute. 

Active listening is such a critical tool & one that I catch myself constantly having to willfully practice. 

Listen to understand, not to speak. Speak to express and not to impress. 

Effective communication is key to building strong relationships with our colleagues, whether they are our subordinates, peers, or superiors. By establishing rapport, we can foster trust and break down barriers that hinder productivity. Moreover, good communication skills help us navigate conflicts and resolve issues that may arise in the workplace.

I didn't know there was a specific term for adapting language and delivery style to others preferences. Though very important, one thing that's concerning is at what point can matching seem disingenuous since that is not being open of your own preferences.

Being an empathetic listener can be exhausting but it is also hard to be in a constant state of "waiting to talk"

Be ready to listen. Be ready to hear something that you may not want to hear. Remove all thoughts in your head prior to the conversation. Ask clarifying questions to confirm your understanding of what you heard. 

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