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Your Leadership Impact | Origin: LS103

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Your Leadership Impact

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In this module, I learned the importance of followers and the relationship between leaders, followers, and situations.




i learned there are significant difference between leaders fellowers and situations

good information


I learned about followership as essential to leadership. Greenleaf's work is very close to my leardership style.

I am learning that a leader can be anyone but a manager is typically someone in a hired role. Leaders have a certain characteristic not a job title. 

Leadership is about inspiring your staff to meet goals that helps to  support the vision of the organization


I have leant that there is relationship between the leader, followers and the situation. All three must be present for a leader to have an impact.


The point of learning for me was the Interactional framework and in particular the need for a relevant context.


Intersting that the relationship regarding leader, flooer, and situation is so important in relation to impact. Vision and supporting the mission of that Vision is key. 

I have been wondering how to practice leadership without an official position. I now understand that it is more about seeing the vision, assessing the situation, and gaining followers. While the opportunity is there, I am still a little confused on how to do this without overstepping in my position. Will my boss need to be a "follower" at some level?


A leader has to have the ability to adapt to any situation that arises; make choices that build onto success, one step at a time. 

Great course


The leadership scenario would have made more impact if it had not cast the male in the dominant role as principal and the three females as his followers. True leadership is not determined by gender.

the connection between leaders, followers, and the situation.


I learned a lot more about leadership specifically about leaders, followers, and the situation. How a combination of those factors can really impact leadership as whole. 


I reflected on the context and situation and how it is necessary to really pay attention to context and adapt the leadership style/behavior to fit the context. It's easy to fall into the same types of behaviors and practices and apply those to all situations. 


This lesson allowed me to deeper reflect on the connection between: Leader, Followers, and Situation and how all three play an essential role in the movement forward of an organization. A key take away from this lesson is that the follower's trust will make or break their relationship with their leader. The more they trust their leader, the more motivated they are to do their work.


Character and personality traits are important for leadership impact. Leaders cannot exist without followers.

Some of the quiz answers seemed in direct conflict with the materials covered.


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