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How Do You Lead? |Origin: LS102

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How Do You Lead?

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

It is amazing to realize the various leadership types and my own approach. Although I studied leadership as part of my dissertation, I am still blown away by the amount of leadership types.


I have learned about various leadership styles in the past, but the way in which this information was presented and provides benefits and risks of each leadership style has allowed me to do a little self-reflection into my own way of leading. I identified with several different styles based on certain situations or issues so it was helpful to understand that we are not necessarily pigeon-holed into one single style, but rather encouraged to embrace various styles. I think leaders of all levels and experiences would benefit from being more flexible and adpatable in thier approach as it will only add to the rich and diverse dynamics of the organization.


In this module, I realized that I am not alone in this.  Other leaders face similar challenges and I took a few good ideas on how to overcome these challenges.




I tend to lead with a democratic style. I like to hear other opinions of coworkers before making a final decision to follow. 


In this lesson, I learned one could flex between leadership styles. In the past, I thought one was limited to a single style.



I learned more about myself and various leadership styles!!

There are many different leadership types and it is interesting to see that I feel that I am a mixture - not coercive though.   I don't think that is an effective strategy at all. 


I have learnt the various leadership styles, their stengths and weaknesses. I also have a better understanding on my style and how to make improvements. One's leaderdership style should not be based on their personality but the people thsy lead.


After this course I now realize the many different leadership styles and traits that are useful for everyday leading. Although we may try to incorporate these styles for successful leadership, our group of followers must be evaluated. Some styles and traits may not work for all followers. Just as we must evaluate our class of learners to determine what works best for them, so should we look at our followers to determine what works best. I suppose this is why there are so many styles and traits. A good leader will be able to incorporate what is needed to better inspire his/her followers. 


I think its important to draw upon various leadership styles based on what is needed. If a leader is able to utilize different ways of leading, they can be very successful. In addition, doing a SWOT analysis can help reflect on ways a leader may grow.  


I have a pacesetting leadership style. I still tend to lean more towards manager, but I see how that can actually help in some leadership styles. I have also been much more aware of how I react to a situation and contemplating approaches I never really thought of before. I am not in management, but I have been seeing how some of these approaches have helped encourage my co-worker along with the rest of the group. I am intersted to complete the next lesson.


I found it very interesting that I am a combination of so many styles.  


I saw many examples of poor leadership that I have experienced in my career. We can learn from what we believe to be poor leadership and we can become so much better than what we have experienced.

I try to lead from the front, through fairness, effective communication, providing a safe space where stakeholders can grow and be the best version of themselves. 


My goal is to lead by example. I never want to ask my team to do something I am not willing to do. I also want to lead my team to have the confidence to make decisions and be their best. 

I lead by example and I lead with a listening ear. I believe that utilizing varying types of leadership styles that evolve with the situation can be beneficial. I feel as though my leadership capabilities will continue to grow throughout my life and career. 

Leadership qualities change as the demands of the job changes. Being empathetic and adaptable is important but having a firm resolve to do what needs to be done and get your team to buy into the goals that must be set and met is always an enjoyable challenge.


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